The rumors about Gatsby continue to circulate in New York—a reporter even travels to Gatsby’s mansion hoping to interview him. Parties (Motif) Gatsby throws excessively extravagant parties as evidenced by the number of guests, the lights, the food and the entertainment. Study some of the motifs and themes that F. Scott Fitzgerald employs in his classic novel, ''The Great Gatsby.'' Having learned the truth about Gatsby’s early life sometime before writing his account, Nick now interrupts the story to relate Gatsby’s personal history—not as it is rumored to have occurred, nor as Gatsby claimed it occurred, but as it really happened. Weather is a symbol that is frequently used in the novel to set the emotional tone during certain scenes like dark and rainy days are considered melancholy therefore the tone of the overall scene is depressing. Myrtle justifies cheating on her husband, and this "this new life" she has Yet, the characters in this novel are quite good at keeping secrets. Look for passages and In The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald uses weather to help support the motif. Jay Gatsby's relationship with time Myrtle Wilson's relationship with time Time is most important to Gatsby's character because as we know, Gatsby's only goal and dream in life was to recapture the past.

Others show things like how Daisy and Tom are old money while Gatsby is new money. Some symbols show Gatsby is greedy.

Fitzgerald also utilizes water details and imagery to both mirror and foreshadow tragic events in The Great Gatsby. Furthermore, light also consistently appears in Gatsby’s parties.
Writing (Motif) From the start, Nick Carraway is characterized as a reluctant writer. The Great Gatsby: Motif Tracking - Light . For example, the juice from two hundred oranges is extracted every week for his parties. Quotations & Analysis: Summary of Motif: The motif of lights occurs numerous times in The Great Gatsby, with the most major appearance being of the green light that Gatsby attempts to reach out to, with the green light representing Daisy. The Great Gatsby Themes and Motifs: Chapters 4-6 Eren Sagun Block 2 One aphorism from Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack states, "three may keep a secret if two of them are dead." The Great Gatsby (2013 Film) study guide contains a biography of director Baz Luhrmann, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. A motif is a recurring image, word, object or phrase that helps tie together different parts, such as subplots, in a literary work. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses many symbols in The Great Gatsby to show the reader what live was like in the early 1900s.