The composite percentile rank is frequently the number students use when discussing their PCAT scores.

Instead, they are converted to yield your scaled scores, the ones that fall somewhere in that 200–600 range. What’s the Average PCAT Score? Scaled scores are based on how many questions you got correct; Pearson Assessments, the test's developer, does not set a passing mark for the PCAT, although individual colleges may require certain minimum scores. Ponder over the decision to retest. The PCAT is scored on a scale from 200-600 with the median being a … A good score is considered to be above the 50th percentile.

Understanding the average PCAT score is essential to know how well you perform on the exam. Though changes in the population of PCAT candidates do not affect the relevance of the scaled scores, new percentile ranks … Ponder over the decision to retest. These scaled scores are reported to schools as your PCAT scores. Your raw scores will not appear on your score report.

Percentiles show what percentage of test-takers scored lower than you, explains Kaplan, the PCAT official test-preparation resource. The percentile of where you rank reveals how well you do on the test when compared to other examinees.
Reappearing for PCAT shall show in your score report, which goes to show lack of seriousness if there is, no significant gain in your score.

The current PCAT scaled score range of 200–600 was first determined based on a 1998–2003 normative sample, and these scaled scores continue to represent unchanging criteria against which candidates can be evaluated from year to year going back to March 2004.