Conclusion. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. For the causes of air pollution to be well articulated, it is important to delve into the types of air pollutants. Preventing Air Pollution Air Pollution is a problem nation wide. Let’s get … The pollution hangs over our cities and is harmful and destroys living things and materials. In this article, we are going to give one example to air pollution essay to give you an idea on how you should formulate the essay on topic air pollution. 1834 words (7 pages) Essay in Environmental Sciences. In conclusion, although air pollution is resulted largely from the things that benefit people, we can all help in our little way. Pollution in India. If a process directly results to pollution, then this forms the primary source. This essay is written keeping in mind the understanding level of kids from age 6 to 13. Take a look and you might use it for your assignment or prepare speech. According to EDIS (par 1), air pollution is caused by human beings and trees. The earth is plagued with land, air and water pollution. Thirdly, steps to prevent water pollution include minimising the usage of … The conclusion of a discussion on pollution would be a solution to the issue. As such, humans have a responsibility to fix it as well. It may cause a little inconvenience but in the long run, if everyone unite to solve the problem, we can make a significant change to protect the environment as …

The air we breathe today is full of toxic and hazardous pollution.

Air pollution is an issue that needs to be addressed with keen concentration. The conclusion for pollution is that is does more harm than good to the environment. Asked in Asian Cars Conclusion. Apart from that, use an energy-conserving grade motor oil and keep tyres properly inflated and aligned can help reduce air pollution. However, pollution can also be controlled and avoided. Air pollutants can be caused by secondary and primary sources. Pollution is a big problem to our health and the environment. Air pollution is a huge problem, and it is one that humans have caused.

Also read: 10 Ways to reduce and control air pollution Diesel exhaust is one of the most dangerous sources of air pollution. Some of the problems we face on earth are: deforestation, nuclear waste, acid rain, global warming, overpopulation and some animals are endangered. Air pollution is one of the dangerous kind of pollution which we suffer from! Less vehicles on the road can reduce pollution.

Hence, EDIS advocates for the use of trees to reduce pollution. Environmental Pollution Our environment is affected by our daily actions. The people involved in the discussion would need to have a concrete solution that would end pollution in every way. We should all act now to end air pollution and thus to make the world a happier and healthier place for both humans and animals. However, the main participant in the control of air pollution is the government. This means better health for us and the environment. Here we have written an essay on air pollution and everything you need to know about it. This essay has been submitted by a student. We’ll even meet a 3-hour deadline.