On Benefit’s website, it states that Benefit Cosmetics is a subsidiary of LVMH group and since 1989, they collectively do not test their products on animals and are deeply committed to the elimination of animal testing. 3. When reviewing the animal testing in cosmetics pros and cons, we must balance the health and safety of each animal with the need to provide humans safe access to the items they wanted to purchase.

A look at the costs of animal testing provided by the National Institute of Health. 50% of animals used in cosmetic testing die within 2-3 weeks after the experiment. Federal law requires that animal testing be conducted before most clinical trials involving people are allowed. 40% of the funds received are provided to animal testing in the name of research. 6. Animal testing occurs prior to human clinical trials and is considered by most researchers to be an essential part of drug development.... Toxicology Testing Using Animals. Animal Experimentation in Cosmetics and Household Items In the era of anti-animal testing, the cosmetic industry has taken a lot of wrath from animal activist. Costs of Animal Testing. Animal experiments prolong the suffering of humans waiting for effective cures because the results mislead experimenters and squander precious money, time, and other resources that could be spent on human-relevant research. NIH to Torment Marmosets in Alzheimer’s Experiments—Help Stop This Now.

For drugs and biologics, the focus of animal testing is on the drug’s nature, chemistry, and effects (pharmacology) and on its potential damage to the body (toxicology). Animal welfare is a slippery argument to make when criticizing testing processes. Benefit’s Animal Testing Statement. benefits of animal testing articles, ... diseases, heal wounds, spare animals from cosmetics testing, and design “leather” that ... come up with a blood test for fibropapillomatosis. Opinions about the use of animals for research are complicated and often divided when it comes to different purposes or types of research. List of the Pros of Animal Testing in Cosmetics.

Fact: With the recent sequencing of genomes, in-depth research into animal physiology, and surgical advances, researchers are constantly being reminded that humans share many biological and physiological characteristics with animals. Perception: Animal testing and research only benefits people. It’s wasteful. The United Kingdom has banned the use of cosmetic testing since 1990. But if you continue reading their policy, it states:

A Middle Ground^ There is a middle ground for those who feel uncomfortable with animal experimentation, but believe that in some circumstances the good arising out of experimentation does outweigh harm to the animal.

Research animals are protected by a host of state, federal, and international laws.

Accordingly, potential animal rights violations are outweighed by the greater human benefits of animal research. Alternatives. For instance, a clear majority of people are against the use of animals for testing cosmetics and personal care products.However, if the research is claimed to save or improve human lives, then opinions shift, even if those claims are hypothetical or baseless. 1.