Lists of financial institutions that do not satisfactorily verify financial statements, or whose financial statements are accepted. Appendix 4C Quarterly report for entities subject to Listing Rule 4.7B + See chapter 19 for defined terms 1 September 2016 Page 1 +Rule 4.7B . A rule of thumb is to let the content guide the choice of format.

3. Notes: 1. ASX Listing Rules Appendix 3B - New Issue ... - HotCopper Jan 8, 2018 - We (the entity) give ASX the following information. Introduced 31/03/00 Amended 30/09/01, 24/10/05, 17/12/1001, /09/16 . When do the changes apply? 1.6.2 The format of the listing undertaking is in Appendix 1. CSX Listing rules - Appendix 1. FINANCIAL ASSETS 7. The Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Code on Takeovers and Mergers ("the Code") exists principally to ensure fair and equal treatment of all shareholders in relation to takeovers. Notes: 1. Appendix 4C . Appendix I. Paragraph (c) of Appendix 19 to the Listing Rules states that: In relation to each expert section in the listing document, having made reasonable due diligence inquiries, we have reasonable grounds to believe and do believe (to the standard reasonably expected of a sponsor which is not itself expert in the matters dealt with in the relevant expert section) that: If the entity seeking admission is a trust, the application should be in the form “[Name of responsible entity of trust] in its capacity as responsible entity of [Name of trust]”. APPENDIX 8 FORMAT FOR THE LISTING OF TEST AND STUDY REPORTS AND OTHER DOCUMENTATION RELIED ON (Annex B - list of information tests and studies relied on by the Regulatory authority) 1 As indicated in paragraph 4.6.9, a listing of the studies relied on by the regulatory authority should be Name of entity . Access current NZX Main Board & Debt Market Listing Rules, Appendices and Templates.

STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA)In District Court: ... ) RULE 8.3, NDROC, vs.) CONFIDENTIAL PROPERTY: C.D., Defendant) AND DEBT LISTING: ASSETS Husband Wife Court REAL ESTATE l. 2. Fluence Corporation Limited By giving this form to ASX, we agree to the matters set out in Appendix 1A of the ASX Listing Rules. Appendix 7.7 Form of Undertaking with Regard to Directors or Executive Officers; Appendix 8.1 Contents of Application for Listing Additional Securities; Appendix 8.2 Disclosure Requirements for Rights Issues or Bought Deals; Appendix 8.3.1 Daily Share Buy-Back Notice; Appendix 8.3.2 Daily Share Buy-Back Notice

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This Appendix sets out the skill level and appropriate salary rate for jobs, as referred to elsewhere in these Rules.

1.7 Initial Listing Application 1.7.1 A company seeking admission of securities to the Official List shall submit an application for initial listing in accordance with Chapter 2 of the Listing Rules. S&P/NZX50 10,676 -0.52% S&P/NZX20 7,172 -0.52%


Immigration Rules Appendix P: lists of financial institutions. (1) Within 30 days after service of the complaint, the parties and their attorneys must meet in person or by electronic means to prepare a joint informational statement (in the form shown in appendix C) and a preliminary property and debt listing.The complaint and joint informational statement must be filed no later than seven days after the compulsory meeting.

... +Class of +securities issued or to … NZX finalises market structure and listing rules NZX has finalised its updated market structure and listing rules, completing the first holistic review of the rule set in 15 years.

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