A mission statement is typically used to clarify what business you are in, focus your goals, and identify your business objectives. I am motivated to study abroad in order to broaden my international outlook while simultaneously strengthening my professional abilities. The application of architecture and design is a crucial component in building our society and the other fields of study. Architecture Statement of Purpose Sample Should Include a Brief Description: It should be about your background, all the past experiences associated with the subject, their association in terms of experiences, your past works encouraging you to study this subject and the future plans to pursue graduation research and follow it as a professional career.

Statement of Purpose (Architecture) Architecture is a multi-dimensional field impacting functions of everyday life. All of that sounds fine to me – even desirable. Architecture is a well-respected profession, involving a symbiotic blend of geometry, physics, and art, statement of purpose architecture graduate school is not an easy thing to master if you don’t know the ropes.

As an aspiring architect, I am especially eager to become acquainted with different design styles and techniques. Passion and Purpose in the Architecture Personal Statement By Evan Forster, MFA, IECA (NY) No matter what name it goes by—statement of purpose, statement of interest, or plain old personal statement—architecture school statements are challenging. We live in an era of constant growth and change aided by design. Statement of Purpose – Architecture.