Can cope with most of the situations that might arise on a trip to areas where the language is used. 10 Conversation Topics for Beginner Level English Students A question that we get often is “I’m a beginner level English student. At this level, you are almost as proficient in English as you are in your native language. Find a wide range of interactive games, classroom activities, printable worksheets, instructional videos, quizzes, word searches and other resources that are targeted to the topic … About A Level English Syllabus. It aims to encourage a critical response to texts in a range of forms, styles and contexts, and to promote skills of communication, reading, research and analysis. A and As Level English 9093. This gives you … Subject content – A-level Our A-level English Language specification offers opportunities for students to develop their subject expertise by engaging creatively and critically with a …

This gives you and your students valuable choice. Specification at a glance. I only know few words in English. At the intermediate level, students are better able to discuss social trends in areas such as technology and business related fields of advertising and tourism. We will … Linear means that students will sit all the AS exams at the end of their AS course and all the A-level exams at the end of their A-level course. English; AS and A-level; English Language; Specification at a glance; Hide. Popular intermediate lesson topics for English language students generally focus on areas such as culture, the environment, careers, and health.

It’s like stepping up a ladder. English Language Topics. Cambridge International AS and A Level English Language gives learners the opportunity to study English language and its use in contemporary communication. You can write narratives, reports, articles, and summaries of AS Subject content.

We will guide you so that you can choose the course which best suits your needs. Check it with our level test for new students. Focus on specific English language topics and enjoy some great ideas for ESL lesson plans. Is able to understand the main points of clear texts in standard language if they are about topics with which they are familiar, whether in work, study or leisure contexts. What's your level of English? These qualifications are linear. If you are interested in the Cambridge AICE Diploma please be aware that Cambridge International AS Level English General Paper only contributes to Group 4: … There are many different levels of learning a language. In summary, our AS English Language specification offers a common core of analytical methods, topics and skills which have proven value, set within a flexible programme that allows schools and colleges to shape learning and teaching in ways appropriate to their particular contexts and constituencies. For example: Young learners of English usually start with very simple things like numbers and colours. Next, they might learn vocabulary and grammar linked to everyday topics, such as animals, family, food and drink, sports and games.

To find English General Paper filter the subject list by ‘Humanities and Social Sciences’ or ‘English Language and Literature’. In other words, you can speak fluently on various topics with a limited number of errors, change the style of communication depending on the situation, and know and use English idioms, phrases, and word combinations. Our English AS and A-levels provide strong stand-alone qualifications that are designed to be co-teachable. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment, abbreviated in English as CEFR or CEF or CEFRL, is a guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe and, increasingly, in other countries.