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PRE-ORDER THE DEBT LIFE BOOK BY CHAD VAN HORN Client Portal (954) 765-3166 We are proud to support Florida lawyers by offering: practice management assistance and tools; continuing legal education online and via audio and video, course books and at seminars; member benefits and discounts on products and services; and timely and topical legal conferences and meetings.Additional services including a Certificate of Good Standing are available in the Members … Want a good answer?

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Ask A Florida Attorney. Our South Florida attorney and Ft. Lauderdale bankruptcy attorney can provide guidance. Although any lawyer can draw up a simple will for straightforward situations, such as naming the beneficiary of one's 401(k), seasoned trust-and … Looking For A Top Attorney In Florida? Then, add details. Jurisdiction: Hillsborough County, Florida

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For nearly three decades, as the founder of his firm Connors and Sullivan, Mike has helped families with all aspects of their estate planning and legal issues so that they can have time to still be a family.

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