Sociology and Social Work have the same focus – us, as members of society.

A sociology degree is a good undergraduate scaffolding for an MSW degree. A social work degree gives you a grounding in sociology, psychology, public health, and social justice, and prepares you to work with clients to solve social and personal problems. Those with a degree in Psychology can apply to get a second bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Sociology careers in counselling and therapy . Everything in the social realm is open for study, including family, marriage, deviance, criminology, group interaction, gender roles, sexuality, work roles, public policy, aging, social inequality, attitude development, and much more. The BSWs you are competing with will have that experience. If you’d like to work within your community in a more intimate capacity, studying sociology could provide a way into counselling and therapy careers. Sociology majors learn to think critically about social problems and social phenomena. Many programs in the field will accept Psychology students, since they are very similar fields. You might want to tweak your application with some face-to-face experience with real world clients. If you are would like to stay in the discipline of social work, there are a bunch of titles that you can pursue with your degree. If we were to sum each discipline in four words, we can easily say that: Sociology is based on research, while Social Work focuses on problem-solving. But don’t let that fool you the two are the same thing. Common roles in community and youth work include community officer, social worker, carer, youth worker, equality and diversity officer and sports development officer.

A degree in social work prepares students for a career in the social service field and is required for obtaining licensure as a social worker in most states. Yes. Social workers find employment in a variety of settings, including hospitals, mental health care facilities, nursing homes, counseling services, and various government agencies. The major is very broad. The coursework for a Psychology degree is often similar to that of a Social work degree, significantly reducing the amount of time it will take to graduate. Read on for more information on finding the right social work degree program for you.