Last week, he was being questioned by a British journalist named Cathy Newman in what may have been one of the … In the first chapter of 12 Rules for Life, saintly professor Jordan Peterson exhorts us to consider another arthropod: the lobster. Not just any lobster, mind you, but the cock who successfully claws its way to the top of a status hierarchy and now dominates a whole community of lobsters. His worldview aligns with classical liberalism’s elitist and antidemocratic tendencies, as epitomized by Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek’s respective praise for Benito Mussolini and Augusto Pinochet. Consider the Lobster Peterson’s empirical observations, which range from zoology to pop psychology, all share an aristocratic disdain for modernity. Not many academics use lobsters as a stepping stone to fame, but Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson just did.