Before you can graduate, you usually must write and defend a thesis, a long paper that is the culmination of your specialized research. Criminology is the scientific study of what causes crime and how to control it. Studying Sociology and Criminology (BA) will enable you to make sense of a world undergoing unprecedented social change and uncertainty. working at the intersections between criminology and public policy. After A-levels, Getting a criminology degree is a fast track way to get into the industry. Criminology also explores the social impact of crimes on victims and communities. They create an intellectually stimulating and collaborative environment to pursue your study in criminology.

Earning a master’s degree can take anywhere from a year to three or four years. Other years of entry for this course: 2021/22 Entry; UCAS Code: ... Our Criminology degrees share a common first year, so if you want to specialise, you have the option to switch to another pathway in your second year. The flexibility to explore criminological topics of your own interest in depth. This unique programme emphasises the way in which social cleavages such as race, gender and class intersect with the study of crime and criminal justice in an international context. Study at a top ten UK university for Law (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019). OU criminology study can offer you: Access to highly regarded written, broadcast and audio-visual study materials. It is a multidisciplinary subject comprising elements of sociology, law, social and public policy, history, psychology and philosophy. A unique aspect of the University of Birmingham’s Criminology Degree programme is the focus given on social harm to the study of crime. Study a course with excellent student satisfaction (91% of students are … Criminology as a discipline helps us to make sense of crime and related issues of punishment and victimisation. Criminology degrees Criminology classes use theory, research, and practical methods to determine why people commit crimes and how to prevent them in the future. These approaches to the study of crime and criminal justice inform teaching and doctoral supervision in the centre. Criminology is the scientific study of criminal behaviour, laws and justice. The choice of focusing on criminology or combined with either law, psychology or social science. Qualifications in sociology and psychology can also be useful as they teach interchangeable critical-thinking skills that can be used in criminology. Criminology - BA (Hons) Year of entry.