Arthur Miller, photographed in New York City in 1962, four years before the birth of his son Daniel.
Mise en scène : Ivo van Hove. A millwright by trade, Dan Miller entered politics when he successfully won a seat on Prince Rupert's city council. His plays prodded many to examine their moral fiber, yet Arthur Miller abandoned a Down syndrome son. Il quitte l'université en 1938, doté d'un diplôme d'anglais, de solides bases en scénographie et en écriture dramaturgique, et d'une blessure récoltée lors d'un match de football américain qui lui vaudra une exemption de service pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Arthur Miller commence à écrire pendant ses études universitaires. It is hard to square Miller the father abandoning Daniel with Miller the playwright writing about Willy Loman, whose insecurities, illusions and infidelities destroyed his son Biff.

Miller entered provincial politics in 1986 when he was elected as MLA in the New Democratic Party (NDP) for the constituency of North Coast, successfully seeking re-election in 1991 and 1996. What should we now think of his plays? Arthur Miller failed a profound moral test. By Arnold Newman/Getty Images.
Arthur Miller, the American playwright and former husband of Marilyn Monroe, hid the existence of a son born with Down's syndrome for nearly four decades, it has emerged. Daniel "Dan" Arthur Miller, politician, premier of BC (b at BC 24 Dec 1944). A Daughter’s View of Arthur Miller. 'Fall' Examines Playwright Arthur Miller's Secret Son The new play Fall tells the story of playwright Arthur Miller's son, Daniel, who was born with Down syndrome and … Vu du pont, d’Arthur Miller (traduit en français par Daniel Loayza).

By Amanda Petrusic h. March 19, 2018. Mise en scène : Ivo van Hove. Arthur Miller's relationship with his family is a fascinating subject.

(Daniel reportedly inherited, in a trust, a quarter of the estate.) Save this story for later.