As title. Only those children born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010 are eligible to take these optional … This site is merely to register your child to complete the tests for entry to the South West Herts Consortium Schools in September 2021.

(23 Posts) Add message | Report. See Website Support, search the 11 Plus Forum or contact us. Defo worth appealing. From DIY tutoring to dealing with fraying tempers (adults' and children's), she shares her top tips for 11+ success. We'd like to give her a little bit of practice beforehand, at home, just so its not all totally new. Reasons to be careful about getting into an 11 Plus appeal frame of mind It is not unusual for parents and children to feel disappointed if their application was not successful but remember what an enormous amount of progress your child would have made and remember that you want them to feel positive and happy about their future. 11 Plus preparation using private tuition Add message | Report. ELEVEN PLUS: A COMPLETE GUIDE. In an 11 plus appeal, the Panel will be looking simply at two tests Is the overall academic evidence sufficiently compelling to indicate the child may have achieved a pass mark under normal circumstances? Use this complete online Eleven Plus preparation to help you and your child prepare for the 11 plus test at home. I did it 5 yrs ago. Good luck by the way. Those of you who have followed the various threads on the 11 Plus Forum of this website will be aware of the regular contributions and sound advice from a very experienced former Appeal … Created for BOTH parents and children, this resource provides a detailed insight to the entire 11+ process, the question types and includes free practice questions and answers. Kent Grammar School Appeals Last updated April ... A good website for general information on admissions and appeals is: eleven plus exams. Welcome to the online registration process for the Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools. Slayer Fri 10-Apr-15 20:28:44. we're moving to kent this summer, and eldest DD will have to sit the Kent Test (11+) and Shepway tests. Registration for the 11+ entrance examination to be taken in September 2020 for admission to year 7 in September 2021 is now open until 12 midnight on Sunday 14th June 2020. You can look on eleven plus forum as I did, I was ogremum haha. Anyone been through 11 plus appeal in kent? Our daughter is unlikely to obtain a place at her schools of choice in Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls or King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls) as she scored 210 in the 11+ exam, and the cut offs for these schools last year were 215 and 219 respectively. There are four main avenues open to parents when thinking about how to approach helping their child prepare for the 11 Plus Exams whether these are for a Grammar School or Independent School or both. Check the 11 plus forum . But CEM has since admitted that its 11-plus test is not tutor-proof at all. 11+ (Kent test) and Shepway test (13 Posts) Add message | Report. 11 Plus Preparation Options. MummaB1 Sat 01-Nov-14 13:55:57.

These dates are not subject to change and late registrations will not be accepted. Read the Exam Preparation FAQ which shares advice for parents or tutors on how to help a student prepare for the eleven plus exams. Learn .

But - we're new to Kent to and to selective education. However, you need to treat the contributions with caution. 11+ Test Dates 2020 (2021 entry) This page will be updated for dates for 2021 entry in regions using 11+ tests from Cambridge University's CEM Centre for Evaluation & Monitoring® Why pay £60 for a mock when you can use the Warwickshire 11+ as a free mock exam this year for CEM Centre tests. QOD Sat 01-Nov-14 16:32:40. We would really appreciate your advice on our potential appeal. Sally Ashworth and her husband have seen three children through the 11+ (with one more gearing up for the test later this year). REGISTRATION FOR THE SOUTH WEST HERTFORDSHIRE SCHOOLS CONSORTIUM TESTS FOR SECONDARY TRANSFER ENTRY IN SEPTEMBER 2021. It is Buckinghamshire based but, whilst the school appeal advice varies considerably from the many varieties in Kent, it can be very helpful.