Paraphrasing step by step examples (using synonyms) Original Sentence: ‘Memory is the capacity for storing and retrieving information’ (Smith, 2017). “In the United States, about six out of ten students in graduate schools are women. Exercise : Intermediate-level Paraphrase Exercises Paraphrase Exercise Please read the following passages carefully and paraphrase it. Writers often paraphrase sentences and paragraphs to deliver information in a more concise way, as you'll see in the examples below. When we need to use a sentence in our writing that someone else wrote, we paraphrase it.

Change the sentence structure and the order of major ideas, while maintaining the logical connections among them.

Underline the words which should be changed. School subject: English as a Second Language (ESL) Level/group: Upper-Intermediate Age: 14+ Main content: Paraphrasing Other contents: So, Such, Too, Enough, Although, Even though, Despite, In spite of.

When you are paraphrasing, there are a number of strategies you can apply: Locate the individual statements or major idea units in the original. (verb) When you explain what an essay said by using different words and Highlight the words that you think are specialised words or words that should not be changed when paraphrasing. I'm Paraphrasing Here Paraphrasing activities shouldn't be limited to writing alone. People often paraphrase when they speak, so it can be helpful, particularly for ESL students, to develop this skill Examples of Paraphrasing Paraphrasing involves taking a passage - either spoken or written - and rewording it. Paraphrasing Paraphrasing refers to rewriting a given sentence using your own words.

PARAPHRASING ACTIVITIES ACTIVITY 1 Read the original text below. paraphrasing definition: Paraphrasing is defined as restating something in a shorter version, or expressing the meaning of something using different words. 1: Choose key Words that can not be changed Memory has the capacity Add to my (36) Paraphrasing Displaying all worksheets related to - Paraphrasing.Worksheets are Test your paraphrasing skills work, Lesson 1 paraphrase with synonyms, Paraphrasing and summarising, University writing speaking center