Finally, factors called "growth factors" also cross from the mother's blood into fetal blood; they help support development of many different fetal tissues. Every parent should be aware of these points. Early childhood development is a crucial factor for total life.

Familyfactors affecting child development G.A.NELIGAN*andD.PRUDHAM Fromthe DepartmentofChildHealth, University ofNewcastle upon Tyne Neligan, G.A., andPrudham,D.(1976). Child Development and Economic Development: Lessons and Future Challenges Jo Boyden and Stefan Dercon In recent years there has been unparalleled global interest in the survival and development of children, reflected in the Millennium Development Goals commitment, which builds on UN Convention on Recent investigations suggest that certain factors play an important role in the development of a child during the prenatal period. Archives ofDisease in Childhood, 51, 853.

A child needs both physical and mental support for proper growth and development.

Family factors affecting child development. Even the word growth and development are different.

There are many factors that directly influence the growth and development of a child.

This article aims to examine the factors affecting prenatal development, significantly, before and during pregnancy with respect to the development of a child’s personality at later stages of life.

Abstract. August 13, 2014 [EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT LITERATURE REVIEW] 2 Human Early Learning Partnership – contact: Michele Wiens ( SUMMARY: Factors Influencing Early Childhood Development (ECD) A bank of literature exists with respect to factors that influence ECD, outlining significant factors and Influence of social factors in the development of the young child’s moral judgment MICHELE RUFFY* University of Geneva Abstract In a series of seven different studies, the author attempted to test Piaget’s theoretical position of social factors as primary contributors to the development of moral judgment.

(ref3p2) If a pregnant woman becomes malnourished, the fetus might not get sufficient nutrients or other factors, slowing its growth and possibly resulting in an underdeveloped newborn. Citation: Pem D (2012) Factors Affecting Early Childhood Growth and Development: Golden 1000 Days.Adv Practice Nurs 1:101. doi: 10.4172/ 2573-0347.1000101 Page 2 of 7 olume 1 Issue 1 111 Adv Practice urs ISS: 2 an open access ournal In a large, geographically defined population of children a number of family factors in addition to social class, determined by the father's occupation, were recorded by health visitors and school nurses with routine responsibility for these children.