The Winter War (1989) is a Finnish movie that tells the story of the 100 day Winter War fought by Finland against the Soviet Union from November 30, 1939 to March 13, 1940. Some viewers adore the battle scenes, dialogue, and no-nonsense plotting, while others find the film boring and repetitive. In the picture, it’s the Finnish war, but because the film wasn’t finished and released until 1942, it came to symbolize the despair of the ongoing war and the hopes that its ending may offer. Also Finnish - Russian War movies with English subtitles! Foreign war films all with English subtitles! From ‘Dunkirk’ to ‘Schindler's List’, here are our picks for the best World War II movies of all time. Loved and loathed in equal measure, "The Winter War" follows a group of Finns fighting against Russia in the oft-forgotten Russo-Finnish war of 1939 to 1940. Talvisota also gives good description of Winter war for somebody not familiar.

Sort By: Show: The Camp at Thiaroye 1988, aka Camp de Thiaroye. All you need is a Finnish library card and a dvd player, and you can watch all these movies for free. Still from “The Winter War.” The soldier on the right holds a 9.00 mm M/31 Suomi submachine gun, one of the best weapons in the limited Finnish arsenal.

You can clearly see that it was a jubileum film for the 50th memorial day of winter war. The Winter War of Finland and Russia (2006) shows how the Winter War influenced World War II and how Finland mobilized against the world's largest military power. One critic for Talvisota is that the characters has less depth than in Tuntematon.

( Tuntematon, Sissit, Talvisota ). There are many scenes of note, but the ambiguous ending is the most striking part of the film.

The story of a reindeer calf searching for his father, one of Santa’s ‘flying forces’, beautifully depicts the Lapland winter landscapes, while the wolf antagonists are entertainingly scary.

Talvisota as a film is inferior to "Tuntematon", but still on top 3 of Finnish war films. To prepare for that, you could watch some older Finnish movies about the war and other events in the past.

The Flight Before Christmas and its sequel Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure continue the Finnish trend of highly unique Christmas movies.