Halloween used to belong to the monsters. As a fellow INTJ female I'd like to nominate Irene Attolia, the title character of The Queen of Attolia by Megan Whalen Turner and one of my favorite characters in all of literature.

8) The Maiden/ The Troubled Teen/ The Waif/ The Damsel in Distress/ The Princess/ The Victim. 100 Best Characters in Fiction Since 1900 From Book magazine, March/April 2002. Deirdre, in early Irish literature, the gentle and fair heroine of The Fate of the Sons of Usnech (Oidheadh Chloinne Uisneach), the great love story of the Ulster cycle. The Warden is the first of the Barchester Chronicles, the series of six novels for which Anthony Trollope is best known. Tracing a perfect near-continuum from the Frankenstein’s Monsters and Gill-Men that papered many a boyhood bedroom to the disturbed teenager’s diet of Lovecraftian doom and the unlaid English major’s repository of Victorian dreadfuls, the creatures of the night once held a monopoly on populist hair-raising. 1 - Jay Gatsby, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1925 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability111. What is a flat character? They also don't undergo any kind of change to make them more well-rounded.

Her name is Dolores, the outrageous protagonist of She’s Come Undone (look, I know I’m crossing over lists here, but I don’t care, Dolores is that incredible). Frankenstein’s Monster (Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus) 110. We get to cheer them along (or pause in disbelief) as they unleash torrents of truth on the unassuming characters around them. It's true that voices of reason are often tactless (or outright mean) when delivering their brutal honesty, but that's the thing abou Bradley Headstone (Our Mutual Friend) … Uriah Heep (David Copperfield) 109. "Moby-Dick" by Herman Melville is one of the most famous and most intimidating novels ever written. Who are the characters you think about long after you have finished reading? Literary voices of reason are the best. Male Counterparts: The Fool/ To some extent The Artist. Listen to the Talk of the Nation discussion. In other words, they're the opposite of a "round character," who has a fully fleshed out profile and changes throughout the story. Ready to write great characters? I think I have found mine. But in the …
She plays a significant part in the other four books of the Queen's Thief series as well, and if you haven't read the books, I highly recommend them. A flat character is a character with little to no complex emotions, motivations, or personality. Great characters in literature get all the credit, but the fictional spaces they occupy are often just as interesting and can provide an opportunity for the reader to go even deeper into a story. Describing characters imaginatively is an essential skill when writing fiction. But what about our favorite characters in literature? It helps readers to invest in your characters’ storylines and experiences if they feel real. Casaubon (Middlemarch) 108. Read on for five tips for describing characters’ faces: Describing characters: 5 tips for drawing faces with words.
Description: Free spirited, calm and gentle, creative; Can be the crazy and the comic relief; Original and playful.

Chaucer's Art of Characterization in the Prologue of the Canterbury Tales Chaucer is the first great painter of character because he is the first great observer of it among English writers, In fact, next to Shakespeare, Chaucer is the greatest delineator of character in English literature. Examples: Luna Lovegood, Phoebe from Friends, Ally McBeal, Pippi Longstocking.