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). German sentence structure is somewhat more complex than that of many other European languages, but similar to Dutch, with phrases regularly inverted for both questions and subordinate phrases.The main sentence structure rule is that the conjugated verb is the second element in a main clause or the last in a subordinate clause. Compounding sentences in German (das Satzgefüge) The process for combining clauses is similar to that in English, except that a comma can be a permitted divider. German is a fascinating and melodic language that is thought to be the most scientific language in the world. ). sentence translate: der Satz, das Urteil, verurteilen. - sometimes a comma is placed in front of the relative pronoun. In the next lesson you will be able to check yourself with some exercises. Word Order in German Sentences. It’s especially hard to use. Relative clauses are always introduced by relative pronouns, usually, der, die, das for people and things. The same is true with denn and weil.

The particle "nicht" As we’ve seen in German negation, the adverb "nicht" is the most common type of negation.By placing "nicht" in a different position, the meaning can change. Relative clauses provide additional information about a noun without starting a new sentence. Du bist der Mann, den ich liebe You are the man that I love You should have the following in mind about relative clauses in German: - the conjugated verb is placed at the end of the relative clause.

Viewed 125 times -1. Throughout this article, note that verb refers to the conjugated or finite verb, i.e., the verb that has an ending that agrees with the subject (er geht, wir geh en, du gehst, etc. For now, learn how to build sentences in German! Translation for 'example sentences' in the free English-German dictionary and many other German translations. Famous sights of Vienna are described in simple sentences and basic vocabulary. Nicht negating the verb.

The questions for the accusative are “whom” (“wen”) or “ what” (“was”). More germane to our present subject are the Osteographische Beitrage zur Naturgeschichte der Vogel of C. L. 10. Learn German online > Words and Sentences Words and Sentences Improve and train your vocabulary with over 3000 words and example sentences you can use in everyday life. Throughout this article, note that verb refers to the conjugated or finite verb, i.e., the verb that has an ending that agrees with the subject (er geht, wir geh en, du gehst, etc. germane Sentence Examples. All examples are illustrated with photos. The German word order definitely belongs to the most difficult parts of the grammar. It makes the verb of the sentence negative when placed right before the unconjugated verb (if there is one) or at the end of the sentence: Therefore, the word order is less strict. Lots of German learners become overwhelmed by simple German sentences because German word order is so tricky. The subject, needless to say, is … People don't mind being sold to as long as it's germane to the conversation.

German Word order: Basic rules Keep in mind that, in German, there is always a comma that proceeds conjunctions.

After a subordinate clause / conjunction, the verb goes last.

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The subject, needless to say, is … 15. Learn German and find out about one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: Vienna. Learn more in the Cambridge English-German Dictionary. 29. Then put your knowledge to the test in the free exercises.

In English, you need the position of phrases to determine whether a noun phrase is a subject or an object. English-German Sentences from the Tatoeba Project 208486 Sentence Pairs Each page has 40 sentence pairs.