But you’re not going to find them on Craiglist or low-rate content mills that pay pennies per word, or worse. What would your income look like if every assignment paid $100 and up?

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Handiemail is a handwriting service that allows you to send real handwritten letters and cards without ever picking up a pen. Typing is easier, faster and a lot less cumbersome to read. While our handwriting services have been embraced by many people like you, we have decided to close our doors because we don't have the time to grow the company.

The following list of sites that get you paid for writing are selected carefully to insure flexibility, our focus here is to point out to revenues sharing website sites. If you have beautiful cursive handwriting, then you can make money from it, by writing mails and other material. Write On Results: Can You Write Your Way to Financial Independence? After all, with computers, smart phones and everything else with keyboard capabilities, no longer is there a need for pen and paper. Earn Money from Handwriting . Get Paid To Handwrite Letters.

Get Paid to Write: 26 Sites That Pay Freelancers $100+ Editor. As long as you’re willing to do the work, it’s definitely possible to get paid to write – and earn good money – even if you’re starting out with no experience and no credentials. If so, you can be paid to write handwritten mail. Some people may persuasively argue that writing by hand is a dying art.

November 19 , 2013 by: Dollar Dojo in: Get Paid To Do Free Stuff No Comment. Each day, millions of us sort through our mail.

Sites that pay writers that much or more are out there. Seriously. Even better, is it unique and artistic? So, if you dream of working from home as a freelance writer, please ignore the naysayers because there are plenty of websites that will pay you to write for them. With handwritten mail, you have a powerful advantage during that moment of judgment. You actually can get paid to write about things you know and like, things you are good at or know of, things that are easy for you to write about.

Do you have amazing handwriting? The company Write On Results pays writers to write mail to various people for different reasons. Real handwritten messages get opened. Three years ago, we set out to make sending real handwritten notes as easy as sending emails. The letters you write, address, stamp, and send around the world carry more than just information.There is hidden value in the hand written letter. The average person takes 5 seconds to decide if an envelope is worth opening.