Inequality contains the word “equal,” which is an easy way to remember that it is the only word used around about math problems. Summary: Inequality vs. Inequity.

By one common definition, when health differences are preventable and unnecessary, allowing them to persist is unjust ( 13 ). Is it inequality of inequity? They are simply differences in the presence of disease, health outcomes, or access to health care between population groups. In contrast, a health inequity, or health disparity, is a specific type of health inequality that denotes an unjust difference in health. The World Health Organization includes this as part of its “Key Concepts” page, noting that inequities are avoidable. The Difference Between the Two This reveals the crucial difference between an inequality and an inequity: inequities are preventable. Health inequities are differences in health status between population groups that are socially produced, systematic in their unequal distribution across the population, avoidable and unfair health inequality health inequalities health inequity health inequities health equity Inequality and inequity are oftentimes used in similar contexts, but they have different meanings. Health inequities, on the other hand, are differences in health that are not only unnecessary and avoidable but, in addition, are considered unfair and unjust.

Health disparities mean the same thing as health inequalities.