I'm a Bio HL student and can say from experience that IB Biology HL is absolute hell. This thread is archived. The language A: literature course introduces students to the analysis of literary texts. level 1. It is the course through which the IB’s policy of mother-tongue entitlement is delivered. Tips by IB Online English Tutors. I did HL myself so the techniques I … So today’s advice is hopefully really going to help both SL and HL students in their IB English Paper 1 final exam (and Paper 2). IB English literature paper 1 structure- written by my sister (May 2016 ib graduate HL English lit level 7) 29 comments. Read Jackson’s full answer here: IB tips on how to get a 7 for IB English Language and Literature. Are you taking IB English and need some help with your studying? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I would say the hardest courses to get a 6 or 7 on are IB Biology HL and IB Physics HL. Sort by. save hide report. 99% Upvoted. share. How to get a 7 in HL Economics!

best. Some would argue English Lit should go right to the top of the list, because it is so notoriously hard to get a 7 in. HOW TO GET A 7 IN IB ENGLISH. We are a group of highly qualified IB Online English Tutors working in some great IB world schools and helping students to improve their grades through our Online English tutoring sessions. No need to reread all the books and poems you covered in class! I can't speak for HL Geography and Philosophy, but I think your list is pretty much spot on. This study guide is for IB English A students (students in IB English A: literature SL/HL, IB English A: language and literature SL/HL, or IB English literature and performance SL) who are looking for additional guidance on writing their commentaries or essays. Personally, I would switch Chemistry to 4th place, and bump English Lit up to 3rd for that reason. Those are the two most commonly taken IB sciences (with Physics SL too) and some students take both at the same time!! here we are describing a few tips which will help you to get a 7 in IB English HL/SL The ONE IB tip you need to know for IB English commentaries. Before the IOC: Make sure that you know what extracts might come up and make sure that you know what is happening. This single piece of advice–if you don’t apply it already in your exam strategy–will definitely improve the quality of your IB English … With IB exams (or mocks) just around the corner, it’s a better time than ever to get a head start on your studying. The Nature of the Task At HL, students are required to write a 1,200 –1,500 word formal essay which develops a particular line of inquiry of their own choice in connection with a non-literary text, a collection of non-literary texts by one same author or a literary text or work studied during the course.42 Language A: language and literature guide Posted on December 27, 2015 by IB Tips Out of all the higher levels that you could choose to take in the IB, I would have to say that Economics is one of the easiest.