I want to major in engineering, but the problem is that I haven't taken any core AP science classes (chem, physics, etc), only honors. Is it easier to get into Arts and Sciences than Engineering? Hi everyone, I'm a current freshman at the Cornell College of Arts and Sciences. I’m a runner and literally I ran twice yesterday because I couldn’t stop being nervous for the decisions. I figured I would make a post just to give potential applicants some info from the perspective of a new student. Hey guys, I want to apply to Cornell, but I'm not sure which college I should apply to. The way you get into parties is by knowing someone at the party or going with a bunch of girls (lmao). Building donations aside, the 25th SAT percentile for Cornell in 1999 was a 1270.I can't find any hard numbers for years earlier than that, but given that Andy would've entered Cornell about ten years prior to 1999, a 1220 may have actually been a fairly realistic score (albeit still a bit low). Cornell Freshman - my take on admissions. I got accepted into Brown and will be the first in my family to go to college. Get to know people and learn more about the Greek scene and meet people in fraternities. I applied to 6 ivies besides Cornell and Dartmouth. Try and find a big group of people going and tag along if you really want to go during o-week. Parties don't get more exclusive as the semester goes on.