Step 2. If the essay title is ... Introduce the topic. Start constructing a plan as soon as you have received... Start researching.
Grab the reader's attention. How to write an introduction to an essay. And we judge essays (and other types of writing… Step 1.

Consider your audience. How to Write an Introduction to a History Essay. How to Start a History Essay Without Boring Your Reader to Death Even though the old cliche says that you can’t judge a book by its cover, we often do. How to Write a History Essay - Writing the Introduction Start with a strong first sentence. Every essay should begin with a written plan. Write an attention-grabbing lead to draw your readers in. Keep it short and focused. Begin with a plan. This is an obvious tip – but one sadly neglected by some students. Introduce your main points.
Give some context. Study the question. The content and style of an introduction to an essay will depend on the purpose of your writing.