Sovereignty, Space, and Identity: The Politics of Power in Eighteenth Century Punjab.

This theoretical research project examines research and literature utilizing different critical lenses to assist in promoting alternative ethnoracial understandings of Latin@ness in the context of higher education. Let me give you a vastly oversimplified, yet still basically true, version of how Identity Politics came to be. Content Tagged as "Politics"Nehru as a Historian and Arch-Political Actor Content Type: Dissertation Example Published: Thu, 06 Jun 2019 Extract: As a politician fighting for the right of India to independence, Nehru understood that the legitimacy of a nation is founded on a historical right to sovereignty which he believed stretched back to the Indus civilisation millennia ago.

The New Christian Right (NCR) mobilizes secularized arguments of equality, victimhood and parental rights to advocate for school prayer. The Politics of Identity offers a fresh take on solidarity building and identity among America’s working poor by placing workers’ voices center stage through the use of fieldwork and in-depth interviews. This dissertation, written by Michael Mclean Bender , and entitled History, Identity Politics and Securitization: Religion's Role in the Establishment of Indian-Israeli Diplomatic Relations and Future Prospects for Cooperation, having been approved in respect to style Latin@ identity politics in higher education: Unveiling representations of whiteness in Latin@ culture by Michael Benitez Jr. A dissertation submitted to the graduate faculty in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY Major: Education (Educational Leadership) Program of Study Committee: Natasha Croom, Chair By the middle of the 1960’s, the heady, heroic days of the Civil Rights movement were ending. The study of the politics of identity is a cross-cutting research area that draws faculty from all areas of the discipline. Titled "Luke, the Jews, and the Politics of Early Christian Identity," his dissertation was on identity politics and Jewish/Christian relations in the Gospel of Luke. He is pictured here with his advisor Joel Marcus and committee members Ross Wagner, Brittany Wilson, and Mark David Smith, a 6th year student in New Testament, successfully defended his dissertation today! A review of Identity Politics in the Architectures of Philippine Displays in International Expositions, 1887-1998, by Edson Roy G. Cabalfin.. This dissertation is about how the political push for school prayer functions as an effort to retrench conservative social power and a conservative political worldview via identity-based politics. My thesis is that one can constitute oneself as a new subject at the frontier of the conventional domains of ideology, discourse, and epistemic formations-which I broadly call "sovereign power." The aim of my dissertation, "Affective Politics and Non-Sovereign Identity," is to explore how individuals can affectively constitute their "political subjecthood" by themselves.

Faculty and students interested in identity examine it as both cause and effect, studying the ways in which race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and other politically relevant factors shape political behavior and attitudes.