Formatting Inline Level 3 APA Headings Using Microsoft Word for Mac 2011.

The following format information comes from the APA manual, 6th edition, section 3.03 Levels of Heading (pp. 1. Step 2: Turn on Hidden Characters and place your cursor after your heading and hit the ‘enter/return’ key to create a new paragraph break. In the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed. Follow the APA style rules for creating the correct level of heading.

62–63; see also the sample papers) gives guidelines for up to five levels of heading in a paper, although most papers will need only two, three… Format. Especially when you are dealing with a document long and complex enough to require APA formatting :-) It instantly guarantees that all parts of the document have consistent formatting. ), Table 2.3 shows how to format each level of heading, Figure 2.4 demonstrates the use of headings in the introduction, and Figure 2.5 lists all the headings used in a sample paper in the correct format. The final level of headings APA describes is the fifth-level heading. Apa does not label any of the headings level 2 unless there are four or more levels. Some examples are enclosed here for the better understanding of APA format for headings … There are 5 heading levels in APA. Level. Step 3: Highlight only the paragraph break icon and go to the Format menu and select Font. Styles, of course, are the key to any formatting question in Word. Types of apa papers. Centered, Boldface, Title Case Heading Text starts a new paragraph. Step 2. Step 1: Apply your body text style to the entire paragraph. Heading 4 and 5: Depending on your paper, you can also use heading 4 and 5 for subsections that fall underneath heading 3 and 4, respectively. 4. 62-3). This fifth level would be necessary if you need to break up your fourth-level section into additional sections.

For example, level 1 involves the section headings, sub sections should be formatted in level 2 formatting pattern where subdivisions of the subsections involve formatting pattern of level 3.

2. 62-3).

Headings clarify your logic and organization for the reader by establishing a hierarchy of sections in the paper. Write the heading in level 3 for more complicated data and content: Level 3 headings come after you have written substantial amount of content in the level 1 and 2. The APA Publication Manual (section 3.03, pp. Text begins as a new paragraph. Flush Left, Bold Italic, Title Case Heading. 1. Centered, Bold, Title Case Heading . 2.

Fifth-level headings are tabbed once from the left margin, in bold and italic font, in Title Case for capitalization, and end with a period. Text begins as a new paragraph. The most important thing to keep in mind is that "all topics of equal importance have the same level of heading throughout a manuscript" (APA, 2010, p. 62).

Indented, Bold, Title Case Heading, Ending With a Period. Each of these sections start with level 1 headings: Methods (Level 1) Site of Study (Level 2) Participant Population (Level 2) Teachers. Example of apa paper with level 2 headings. Aligning Word’s heading styles to APA style Instead of formatting every heading individually, use Word’s built-in headings feature, which you can find in the toolbar at the top of your document.