Finding out you are living the wrong life can be scary. It can be hard to make changes, especially if we feel they will upset or disappoint others. It sure does not come naturally.

But it is worth it to make your own dreams come true. You see, when you spend most of your time trying to be whatever everyone wants you to be, wearing all kind of masks and costumes based on the role you are expected to be playing, you begin to lose yourself. Living Life for Others is Unfair to You. I get it now mum. Living Your Life According to Other People’s Expectations. We all know that, and it can be a daily struggle to deny self in the interest of helping others. Living life with compassion, love, and gratitude.
Living one’s life for others is not as common as we might think.

We like our own plans, our own space, our own time, our own loved ones, our own pleasures, our own – well, our own everything! Most of the time we live our lives for others… it is because we are trying to meet and/or exceed others opinions, expectations or benchmarks that they have placed upon us.
I didn’t write this article to simply wax lyrical about my journey. That’s now my definition of success. Living A Life That Impacts Others. But it is always possible to get back on track. Sadly, my mother passed away a few years ago so I cannot tell her that she was right all along. Every one of us has had people in our lives that have impacted us. Living for self does! People we point to and say, “This person changed my life” or “I am a better person because of that person’s influence in my life” or “I learned what it means to be a real Christian from them.” That was the kind of person Jesus was. Don’t spend your precious time here on earth living someone else’s life.