The expectations in the novel Great Expectations is the money received by Pip that was earned by hard labor.

He realizes at once that Molly must be Estella’s mother. "Master," she said, in a low voice, with her eyes attentively and entreatingly fixed upon him. He argued that Magwitch, not Molly, was guilty.

He eventually comes to the conclusion that it is Estella who she mysteriously resembles. What might Great Expectations suggest about the relationship between strength and power?

Other Characters ‎ > ‎ ... a character who is considered to be hard, selfish, and lawbreaking to nearly every character in Charles Dickens novel, "Great Expectations". Great Expectations. 4.

Her entrapped hand was on the table, but she had already put her other hand behind her waist.

-Spoken by Compeyson, page 37 This passage helps to describe Compeyson in a discrete way. Molly had killed another woman after a terrible fight.

The orphan Pip becomes a gentleman when his life is transformed by a mystery benefactor.

Get an answer for 'What is the story of Molly's past in Great Expectations? ' Molly The seemingly docile and obedient servant of Mr. Jaggers, who has powerful hands, a supposedly wild nature, and an infamous past. Asked by bob c #224553 on 1/12/2012 9:01 PM Last updated by Aslan on 1/12/2012 9:53 PM Answers 1 Add Yours. My guardian was in his room, washing his hands with his scented soap, when I went into the office from Walworth; and he called me to him, and gave me the invitation for myself and friends which Wemmick had prepared me to receive. Pip also has a powerful conscience, and he deeply wants to improve himse Pip asks Wemmick if he knows the sex of Molly's dead child, and Wemmick tells him the child was a girl. You can see how he could be considered underhanded and greedy. I don't believe we ever learn the name of the woman she fought with. Pip goes to "read" with (a.k.a. Immediately afterward, Molly went to work as Mr. Jaggers' housekeeper, as she was totally freaked out by the fact that she was almost sentenced to death. Pip's mind is spinning. Molly is accused of murdering a woman in a barn; it is said the woman was a lover of her common-law husband (Magwitch). Directed by David Lean. With John Mills, Valerie Hobson, Tony Wager, Jean Simmons.

The way in which Mr. Jaggers dominates Molly is reminiscent of rape. The novel's hero, Pip is an orphan who lives with his harsh and selfish sister Mrs. Joe and serves as the apprentice of her gentle blacksmith husband Joe. Chapter 26 It fell out as Wemmick had told me it would, that I had an early opportunity of comparing my guardian's establishment with that of his cashier and clerk.

In Great Expectations, how did Mr. Jaggers get Molly acquitted on the charge of murder? Compeyson is a character who is considered to be hard, selfish, and lawbreaking to nearly every character in Charles Dickens novel, "Great Expectations". She is Estella's mother and …

Mr. Pocket is a great scholar who makes a living selling books (about things like raising children), lecturing, and teaching others. why does pip think that molly is estella's mother?