1 Emma Goldman, Anarchism and Other Essays (Third revised edition, New York: Mother Earth Publishing Association, 1917) THE PSYCHOLOGY OF POLITICAL VIOLENCE TO ANALYZE the psychology of political violence is not only extremely difficult, but also very THERE was a time when men imagined the Earth as the center of the universe.The stars, large and small, they believed were created merely for their delectation. Emma Goldman on Patriotism (July 9, 1917) The Anarchist Emma Goldman was tried for conspiring to violate the Selective Service Act. It borrowed its title from the original magazine of that name by Emma Goldman and others, which was published from 1906 to 1917. Founder / Co Founder: No-Conscription League, anarcha-feminism, Mother Earth Died At Age: 70 Emma Goldman was a popular revolutionary and a well-known personality among the anarchists, owing to her activism, writing and speeches. An anthology Of Emma Goldman's Mother Earth, Edited and with commentary by Peter Glassgold. Her naturalization as a U.S. citizen was revoked by a legal stratagem in 1908. Other articles where Mother Earth is discussed: Emma Goldman: In that year she founded Mother Earth, a periodical that she edited until its suppression in 1917.

Emma Goldman, Anarchism and Other Essays (Third revised edition, New York: Mother Earth Publishing Association, 1917) MINORITIES VERSUS MAJORITIES IF I WERE to give a summary of the tendency of our times, I would say, Quantity. Miss Goldman replied that she had written the article, and in answer to another question said she stood for everything in Mother Earth, because, she added, she was the sole owner of the publication. It ran until 1917, when the U.S. government used The Espionage Act during World War I to close the magazine and revoke Goldman’s citizenship, deporting her to the Soviet Union in 1919.

It was their vain conception that a supreme being, weary of solitude, had manufactured a giant toy and put them into possession of it.

Courtesy of the Emma Goldman Papers.

The following is an excerpt from her speech to the court, in which she explains her views on patriotism. The multitude, the mass spirit, dominates everywhere, destroying quality. Patten, John. The first issue of Mother Earth journal was published in 1933. Our entire life--production,

Mother Earth was a radical political journal first published in March 1906 by anarchist Emma Goldman (1869-1940). It was in circulation among people in the radical community in the United States from 1933–1934.. Mother Earth Rides Again [Review of] Anarchy! On December 21, 1919, Emma Goldman, along with 248 other radical "aliens," was deported to the Soviet Union on the S.S. Buford under the 1918 Alien Act, which allowed for the expulsion of any alien found to be an anarchist.

Emma Goldman, born in Kovno, Lithuania (then Russia) in 1869, came to the United States in 1885 at age 16. ... Emma Goldman, “Trial and Speech,” Mother Earth, July, 1917. Patten, John. This version of Mother Earth was an anarchist periodical aimed at the discussion of progressive issues. Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, the two most notorious anarchists in the United States, who for weeks have been conducting a campaign against all the aspirations and activities of this Government, particularly against our part in the war and army conscription, in the course of which they have at times almost preached sedition, were arrested by Federal agents yesterday afternoon in … Yiddish Anarchist Bibliography - Books & Pamphlets. The couple in the drawing may represent a new Adam and Eve, who have broken the shackles that have traditionally bound them. Emma Goldman : a documentary history of the American years, Volume 1, Made for America, 1890-1901. MOTHER EARTH E. Goldman and M. Baginski. Two years later she published Anarchism and Other Essays. The cover of the inaugural issue of Mother Earth reflects Goldman's aspirations for the anarchist movement, which she hoped would usher in a new dawn.