Employs images to corrupt Othello's mind; eventually, gets him to use his own register of corrupt language. It is not fair to blame Othello for his own descent into jealousy, for his nature was one of absolute trust. He has no problem about deceiving those close to him and deceiving for his own personal gain. He's obsessed with his feelings, the way in which her cheating reflects on him. At the end of his tale to Roderigo about how he was passed over for promotion to lieutenant, Iago displays his jealousy of Cassio. front what Paul Robeson called "the problem of my own people." If Othello believed that Desdemona was completely devoted to him, he would not ever have killed her. He loses the ability to be reasonable; anger surges up within him. In Othello, the author states, “By debitor and creditor. The problem is when it becomes uncontrollable, constant, and unhealthy. Iago’s anthropomorphizing of jealousy as a “green-eyed monster” is famous, and his use of the color green stems from a Renaissance belief that green was a “bilious hue,” linked to an imbalance of the humors that caused fear and jealousy. Discuss. Othello Essay on Jealousy Essay Sample. Throughout Shakespeare’s Othello, jealousy is apparent.The tragedy Othello focuses on the doom of Othello and the other major characters as a result of jealousy. This countercaster, / He, in good time, must his lieutenant be, / And I, bless the mark, his Moorship’s ancient,”(1.1.33-35). Othello’s actions help Iago’s plan to succeed. This syndrome gets its name from the Shakespearean play “Othello: The Moor of Venice. Jealousy is a major theme in Othello and it is what drives Othello to commit his heinous deed of killing Desdemona. The character of Othello is comparatively simple, but, as I have dwelt on the prominence of intrigue and accident in the play, it is desirable to show how essentially the success of Iago's plot is connected with this character. That is, he knows that saying the word “jealousy” and conjuring an offensive visual image will intensify Othello’s concern. Othello’s jealousy stems from his insecurity and feelings of inferiority. "3 As such, the play has traumatized African American literature, and indeed Western culture at large, for most of its existence. London: MacMillan and Co., 1919. It could be argued that Iago’s schemes succeed, not because Othello is weak, but because they take such cruel advantage of a noble, easily manipulated man.

This suggests a fixation on the fact that Othello is black. It is apparent also that Iago is jealous of Othello. Main Character Problem. Othello is a much respected Shakespearean play for a host of reasons not least because by setting it in a different country he was able to tackle stereotypes which may have offended English audiences of his day. Othello is tempted by the beauty, position, and compassion that Desdemona can give him in marriage.