Het Canadian National Vimy Memorial (Frans: Monument commémoratif du Canada à Vimy) is een oorlogsmonument in Frankrijk ter nagedachtenis van de Canadese soldaten die sneuvelden tijdens de Eerste Wereldoorlog.Het monument staat in de gemeente Givenchy-en-Gohelle op een herdenkingssite op de heuvelrug van Vimy (Vimy Ridge).De omliggende herdenkingssite is een bewaard slagveld uit … Canadian Reactions to War; Canada Mobilizes for War; Canadian Armada; First Division Lands in England; CEF Winters on Salisbury Plain 1914-1915 ; First Division to the Front; Canadians in Battle. Mother Canada is an adaptation of the Canada Bereft Statue at Vimy, regarded by many as a masterpiece. "Canada Bereft" is the largest statue at the front of the memorial and is said to depict "Canada mourning her fallen sons." The Canada Bereft statue – also known as Mother Canada – at the Vimy Ridge memorial in France was modeled after the aunt of an Edmonton woman. 2nd Battle of Ypres. This figure is called Mother Canada or Canada Bereft, ... which was covering the statue of “Mother Canada” on the northern wall of the memorial.

The centre sculpture is called Canada Bereft, a It was a bright sunny day which showed the whiteness of the limestone to full effect. They are now the only legacy of Canada’s most important memorial commission in which the artist’s … On this monumental day in Canada’s history, we commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Canada Rallies. The statue, modelled on Canada Bereft, the figure in the Vimy Memorial, was just one part of Mr. Trigiani's big plan for the site, which also included a souvenir shop. I was in France for the Somme 100 Commemoration at Thiepval and visited Vimy Ridge on 2nd July. BATTLE OF VIMY RIDGE Issue date: April 8, 2017 Available for pre-order from March 23, 2017 $850 Booklet of 10 stamps 414037111 $185 First day of issue The statues are incredible but the figure of Mother Canada just leaves you speechless. The figure of a cloaked young woman is called Mother Canada or Canada Bereft she stands alone on the wall at the north-eastern side of the memorial and overlooks the Lens-Douai Plains, the objective for the Canadian Corps, who successfully won at the Battle of Vimy … National Historic Site of Canada. ... Unveiling of Canada's National Memorial at Vimy Ridge. These three plaster Sculptures were made by Walter Allward between 1925 and 1930 as models for the Vimy Memorial in France. Canada, head bowed, weeps, mourning her dead sons in France. There are two smaller protective boxes front and centre where the "Canada Bereft" (Mother Canada mourning her dead) statue and Sarcophagus are being carved, or will be carved. Facing the first poison gas attack of the war, Canadian troops helped hold the line against the Germans. Representing a country in mourning, “Canada Bereft” gazes down at a symbolic tomb at her feet and overlooks the French countryside where Canadians fought for peace and sacrificed for freedom.