The reading section is the first part of the TOEFL. As most of us in the world of TOEFL preparation know, the Reading section of the Official TOEFL iBT consists of 3 reading passages. The reading section of the TOEFL test is, as you'd expect for an exam for university entrance, based around more formal or academic texts and the understanding thereof. All fields of study from chemistry to literature to psychology are possible topics of the reading passages.

About the Articles. The TOEFL iBT ® test has 4 sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.

You will get an overall score between 0 and 30 points in the reading section of the test. As you already know: there are 3 to 5 texts of about 700 words, with 20 minutes to read each text and to answer about 12 questions… Every TOEFL section has very, very specific types of questions and tasks. Before taking the exam, you absolutely must know what to expect.

Most are multiple choice, most often checking your understanding of the passage or a word in it. There are several different types of questions. These passages typically deal with academic subjects – anything from natural and social sciences, to business and the arts . This section tests your ability to understand and interpret college-level academic writing. Each passage is 600-700 words long, and contains … It is designed to test your ability to comprehend academic reading material. TOEFL READING – GENERAL ADVICE. You need to know exactly what these questions are asking for in order to get the highest score possible on the test.. Become familiar with the TOEFL reading section structure. As you already know: there are 3 to 5 texts of about 700 words, with 20 minutes to read each text and to answer about 12 questions… Learn all the instructions by heart.

Wondering why there are guides for every individual section of the TOEFL?. The materials in the Reading section are at the first year of university level.

The first section of the TOEFL exam is the reading comprehension section, which is used to measure your aptitude to read and understand short passages in written English.. You will be required to answer a number of questions based on the content in each passage. Before taking the exam, you absolutely must know what to expect. In the TOEFL iBT Reading section you have 60 minutes to: Read three academic texts, totaling around 2100 words; Understand how to answer 10 different types of questions; Answer approximately 42 questions in total; And, unfortunately, the TOEFL Reading practice available online is either out-of-date or unreliable. Here you will read three or four academic articles, and answer 9 or 10 questions per article. The passages are on academic topics; they are the kind of material that might be found in an undergraduate university textbook. This requires a great understanding of complex grammatical structures and knowing a lot of high-level vocabulary words. For more such preparation guides on the other sections of TOEFL, please click on the following links. Become familiar with the TOEFL reading section structure. The Reading section is no exception.
Reading can be a tricky skill for English-language learners to master, and TOEFL reading passages can be especially challenging. The TOEFL Reading Section Questions The TOEFL Reading Section is the first part of the TOEFL Exam.

Wondering why the TOEFL is so difficult, even for advanced English students?. During the test, you'll perform tasks that combine these 4 English communication skills, such as: read, listen and then speak in response to a question Academic means the passages are like what you would find in a textbook at university.

To do well on the TOEFL reading section, you need to have a quick reading comprehension speed. About the TOEFL Reading Section. Section 1: Reading Comprehension Questions: 36-56 Timing: 60-80 minutes Testing format: Computerized. The TOEFL reading section consists of 3 or 4 passages, and you'll have 60 to 80 minutes (or 20 minutes per passage) to complete the entire section.

The TOEFL Reading Section is indeed complicated, however, good preparation and rigorous practice can help you achieve your target scores in the section. TOEFL Reading The Reading section is done first in the IBT test. Additionally, if you need further assistance, you can contact GyanDhan and we will connect you with the best TOEFL preparation … The TOEFL Reading is tough. TOEFL READING – GENERAL ADVICE. Any reading that you do in English can help strengthen your skills and help you do better on the TOEFL Reading section, but it’s especially important to take practice TOEFL Reading tests. Taking practice Reading sections will help you strengthen your critical reading skills and become more familiar with the types of questions you’ll see.