Revision notes on the Rule of Law as a constitutional principle. Joseph Raz, ‘The Rule of Law and its Virtue’ (1977) 93 Law Quarterly Review, 195, 210-11, argues that the rule of law is a negative concept, which is merely designed to minimise the harm to freedom and dignity which the law may create in the pursuance of its goals.
Law in the context of rule of law does not mean any law enacted by legislative authority, howsoever arbitrary, despotic it may be, otherwise even in dictatorship it would be possible to say that there is rule of law because every law made by the dictator, however arbitrary and unreasonable, has to be obeyed and every action has to be taken in conformity with such law. Abel• 3 months ago. Free study resources for law students (LLB Degree) including cases, analysis and links on public law. CHARLOTTE• 2 months ago. ILW1501 Study Notes. 2017/2018. Course. These rules have become a part and parcel of the law, as well as procedure.
The rule of law is very important in a democracy, particularly because, if the people do not support the government, they may revolt against it. AO. Notes on the principle of the rule of law and discusses the two main perspectives, with case and legislative information. The rule of law, therefore, is supposed to promote equality under the law. Study notes for ILW1501 to help with preparation of Examinations. These may be implied from the nature of the duty to be performed under a statute. What particular rule of natural justice should be applied depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. Law 31: Control the options, get others to play with the cards you deal You give people a sense of how things will fall apart without you, and you offer them a “choice”: I stay away and you suffer the consequences, or I return under circumstances that I dictate. DP. University. Thanks. An arbitrary application of the laws …

Helpful? GREAT SUMMARY. Please sign in or register to post comments. Introduction to Law (ILW1501) Academic year. Critics of the rule of law, however, have noted that this system creates a ruling elite that has the power to manipulate through the law. Thanks !

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