YIA-From Here and Out Into the World.. Exhibition. The graffiti street art by Spanish artist Oscar Okuda San Miguel are impressive colorful murals expressing the unique aesthetics of their creator. She’s a prolific and multifaceted artist, creating murals, illustrations, cartoons, paintings, photography, and graphic design. Sara describes her style as “automatic drawing,” which means that she didn’t plan her painting process logically and the outcome is rather abstract. Artist Sara Riel was presented with an award from the Gudmunda S. Kristinsdóttir Fund for the Arts by Hafthór Yngvason, director of Reykjavík Art Museum, on Wednesday. 1980) studied art at Fjölbrautaskólinn in Breiðholt and later at the Iceland Academy of the Arts 2000-2001, and the Kunsthochschule Weißensee in Berlin 2001-2005, and a year as a Meisterschuler 2005-2006. Visual artist Sara Riel will be unveiling her new mural for the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture June 29th at 16:00. The name came from a local Metis girl, Sara Riel who, along with her brother, Louis, attended the Grey Nuns School. Oct 7, 2014 - Sara Riel is an Icelandic artist born 1980 in Reykjavík who crafts a visual language that is public but at the same time very private, addressing various social and nature concerns.

Sara Riel (b.

She uses the methods that the world has to offer, to their full extent, to lift certain events and experiences, stories and moments up into reality. Biography / CV Sara Riel Lives and works in Reykjavík, Iceland Born in 1980 2005-2006 Meisterschuler KHB-Weissensee 2001 - 2005 Kunsthochschule-Berlin Weissensee, Master of Arts from the Sculpture department 2000 - 2001 The Icelandic Academy of Art, Reykjavík 1996 - 2000 Breiðholt College, Art department, Iceland Grants/Stipends/Awards

There are so many good artists working, some of them anonymously, and the scene changes constantly, creating a moving target for documentation, but one stand-out is artist Sara Riel, who trained in Berlin and now lives and works in Reykjavik. Sara Riel Inc. helps individuals to recognize their own potential for recovery and cultivate hope for better circumstances. Sara describes her style as “automatic drawing,” which means that she didn’t plan her painting process logically and the outcome is rather abstract.

Automatic, Sara Riel´s exhibition at Kling og Bang, presents intuitive drawings and perplexing forms that cleverly imbue elements of the uncanny and spontaneous creation.Riel´s practice is based in Surrealism; she trains herself into a state of drawing that is characterized by improvisation and a release of control so as to liberate the subconscious. crossconnectmag: “Oscar San Miguel Erice a. Okuda born 1980 in Santander, Spain is an urban artist who specializes in street art, murals, sculptures and installations. Shortly thereafter, Sara Riel Inc. was born. your own Pins on Pinterest Influenced by the environment she examines the unusual with an open mind, elaborating a unique personal style, one painstakingly detailed image at a time. In 1977, the Board of Directors at the hospital approached Sister Jean to address this phenomenon.