Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. . #2: “But you get used to goin’ around with a guy an’ you can’t get rid of him.” #3: “George said wonderingly, ‘S’pose they was a carnival or a circus come to town, or a ball game, . This lesson will examine the minor character of Slim in 'Of Mice and Men' who is portrayed as a quiet, wise, and thoughtful man. Slim throwed a scare inta you. A tall, strong, quiet, and craggy-faced laborer on the ranch who works as a mule driver. .

Start studying Of Mice and Men: Slim quotes. Jus’ say, ‘We’ll go to her,’ an’ we would.

Slim Character Analysis. You come for me, an' I'll kick your God damn head off." We wouldn’t ask nobody if we could. Carlson laughed. . . "You God damn punk," he said. Jus’ milk the cow and sling some grain to the chickens an’ go to her.‘” You tried to throw a scare into Slim, an' you couldn't make it stick. I don't care if you're the best welter in the country. You're yella as a frog belly. Slim.

We’d just go to her .

Slim has an ageless, inscrutable face and a reserved disposition, and his physical power and commanding nature make him something of an authority figure to the other ranch hands.