SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 2. P=Project E=Experiment A Scalable and Freely Accessible Machine Learning Based Web Application for the Early Detection of Dyslexia [ P ] Use data extracted from social media to study the number of posts about a real-world event during and after the event. Here, Paul Ekman—an expert in facial psychology—exhibits both non-Duchenne (exhibit A) and Duchenne smiles.

1098-1107). (2) Social Psychology has immediate application to your life. SOCIAL SUPPORT, SELF ESTEEM AND RELIGIOCITY AS PREDICTORS OF DEPRESSION AMONG YOUTHS IN NIGERIA (A CASE STUDY OF IBADAN, OYO STATE) THE EFFECT OF SOCIO ECONOMICAL PROBLEM IN THE 21ST CENTURY IN NIGERIA ON HUMAN … Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 31 (pp. Duchenne smiles (example B) that are exhibited in high school yearbook photos are correlated with better life outcomes 30 years later. Other social psychology research topics within this area include persuasion and peer-pressure. (3) The class (at least when I took it -- summer 2013) was completely self-contained. Much use was made of David Myers' widely used textbook on Social Psychology. Social Representations (Moscovici, 1961) ‘make something unfamiliar, or unfamiliarity itself, familiar’ (Moscovici, 1984).