Guiding Comprehension ... Summarising and Paraphrasing Self Questioning Connecting Comparing Predicting Literal Creating Images Skimming Scanning Self Questioning . Digital Download. Resource includes learning goals for the week. Summarising skills for year 6 SATs.

Reading Comprehension Strategies PowerPoint - Summarising A 14 slide editable PowerPoint template explaining the reading comprehension strategy of summarising. Grades: 4 th, 5 th, 6 th, 7 th.

Types: Handouts. Three days of summarising guided reading activities, including predicting, prior knowledge, vocabulary, type of text, language features and sentence structure. These summarising worksheets and text passages help to teach children to separate the main idea/s from the supporting detail. A number of our graphic organisers are also designed to help children practise identifying the main idea. Activities can be used with any text. Summarising This activity shows how notes can be made by underlining and extracting only the essential points. Cathy was tired of her dad’s farting. Visit our Videos Page for video teaching children the skill of summarising.

Summarising material It is important to be able to read texts and to find information within them that is important to your task. This resource is from A&C Black's 'Developings' series. ... Year 6 summarising revision A collection of pictures and short extracts to revise the skill of summarising in preparation for the SATs. $3.00. Help you students summarize their learning, show their understanding, and dig deeper with these Quick Prints. Summarizing Activities and Printables Summarizing a text, concept, or theme can be a challenge for students young and old! Sea Turtle Main Idea- Easier .

$2.99 14 pages 4 - 6 1. This eye-catching poster supports students with the skill of identifying the main themes within a story by picking out key words and phrases, and guides them with summarising what has been read in a succinct recap. Skim and scan tasks Task 1 Question. Skim the text below and pick out words which show Cathy’s dad’s “smelliness”:. Subjects: Reading, Reading Strategies, Close Reading.