That tells me that because George says several times that he would be better off with out Lennie. Get all the details, meaning, context, and even a pretentious factor for good measure.

We gotta” Just one month. The story is set on a ranch a few miles from Soledad in the Salinas Valley.Since its initial publication it has been frequently referenced in popular culture I can still tend the rabbits, George? A popular quote from John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men (said by Lennie to George), sometimes used when dreaming of something (often along with someone else) that you know will never happen. Towards the end of Chapter 6, George is about to kill Lennie.

Usually used in a sad, almost-reminiscent way.

"An' live off the fatta the lan'," Lennie shouted. I didn't mean no harm, George. I didn't mean no harm, George.
3593. Summary ; Analysis; Characters (9) Essays (19) Quotes (61) All Books (5) ASK OUR MANAGER TO FIND A BETTER QUOTE OR IT'S PAGE NUMBER. 0 Copy quote. John Steinbeck. For Lennie, rabbits represent an escape from the obstacles he faces as a mentally-disabled man.While George fantasizes of his and Lennie’s future farm as an alternate reality where he can be free, independent, and beholden to nobody, Lennie’s major fantasy about the farm is that it will be a place where he can tend and raise rabbits. I didn't mean no harm, George. It ain’t the same if I tell it. 50+ videos Play all Mix - George Strait - Codigo YouTube Geogre Straits Greatest Hits - Best Songs of Geogre Straits (HQ) - Duration: 1:42:38. ladykaa ladykaa 852,137 views Easter, Morning, Wake Up. Order Essay. Mean, Harm, Stills. Best bunnies quotes selected by thousands of our users! I not only talk, but think and feel like one. This to me proves how dumb Lennie is because he thinks that he looks after Gorge.

Of Mice and Men is a 1937 novella by John Steinbeck, which tells the story of George and Lennie, two displaced migrant workers in California during the Great Depression (1929–1939). [George shoots Lennie in the head, Lennie dies; George looks at Lennie sadly, sighs and walks to Lennie, leans down to him; scene cuts to George sitting on train at night again; scene cuts to George remembering his and Lennie's final happy memory as they both toss a bag of flour onto a horse wagon, both look at each other, and walk away happily] you tell it. Home; About; The best-laid schemes gang aft agley . “We’ll have a big vegetable patch and a rabbit-hutch and chickens.

Dolly Parton.

Menu. Posted on 13 July, 2016 by Fatima. Easter, Believe, Trying. You once said to me that I talk like a man in a book. Skip to content. You know all of it.” “No…. You'll wake up on Easter morning, And you'll know that he was there, When you find those choc'late bunnies, That he's hiding ev'rywhere. I can still tend the rabbits, George? George, in a way, puts further emphasis on the drudgery he and Lennie are trapped in; 'they don't belong no place' tells me that George thinks it is only inevitable they will be leaving the ranch soon enough, to perform menial labour on the next one, because as the pair of bindlestiffs they are, it is the sad truth. This quote shows how important George is to Lennie.

"Why'n't you do it yourself? 10 Copy quote. Of Mice and Men. Tell about that George." Go on, George! His last words to Lennie have to do with their dream.

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I got you to look after me, and you got me … "An' have rabbits. I gotta.

Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other. Tell about that, George.” “Why’n’t you do it yourself. Posted: (19 days ago) Posted: (7 days ago) 15 of the Best Pet Rabbit Breeds | PetHelpful. Go on….. George.

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. 14 Copy quote. Of Mice and Men Quotes; Of Mice and Men Quotes. GET HELP. 30 days. Let’s get that place now” “Sure, right now. Top Sites About Pet The Rabbits George. Lennie begged “Let’s do it now. Posted: (2 days ago) When George West set out to breed the Californian rabbit, his goal was to create a rabbit with the “perfect” meat as well as a dense, desirable coat. Login Sign ... Don't even try to tell me different.

I have spent my life in books; literature has deeply dyed my brain its own colour.

It also shows us that Lennie thinks that he looks after George.

I can still tend the rabbits, George? How I get to tend the rabbits.” “Well,” said George. Tell about what we're gonna have in the garden and about the rabbits in the cages and about the rain in the winter and the stove, and how thick the cream is on the milk like you can hardly cut it. Tell me about the rabbits Of mice, men, and thoughts.