Users follow our interactive guide and form generating software to complete the divorce paperwork on their own. Your spouse will need to file a Response to your Petition stating what he or she disagrees on. STEP 4: BEST ROUTE & COST OF DIVORCE? How an Uncontested Divorce Works in California. There are many advantages to an uncontested divorce – including the fact that it’s usually much less costly than a contested divorce. However, when it comes to uncontested divorce California, you can easily save thousands of dollars. If you do not respond to your spouse or partner's petition for divorce or separation or you file a response but reach an agreement, your case will be considered either a "default" or an "uncontested case." STEP 3:CONTESTED OR UNCONTESTED DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE? To read the full text of the law on uncontested divorce and summary dissolution in California, read the California Family Code § 2400-2406. Here’s why you should consider obtaining an uncontested divorce; More Affordable – The average saving when agreeing to divorce is over £750. A case becomes “contested” when you and your spouse disagree on one or more issues, such as property, finances or child custody. Stress-Free – There is less acrimony involved with uncontested cases, which therefore allows proceedings to move on. Quicker – An uncontested divorce can be finalised within 4-5 months, whereas contesting can prolong a divorce for years. The matter is that getting this type of the breakup doesn’t require the lawyer’s assistance, so you […] Best price $ 139. Make your uncontested divorce process seamless and straight forward by using California Online Divorce assistance service. Uncontested divorce in California: Best tips Having a divorce is usually an incredibly pricey process, if you are having a contested legal breakup. File for a divorce without an attorney in the State of California.

Our Divorce Navigator 2.0 (aka DIY Divorce) breaks down divorce into bite sized pieces. In California, both contested divorce and uncontested divorce are common. This type of divorce will save the parties court costs and time. In a “true default” case, you are giving up your right to have any say in your divorce or legal separation case. California law allows married couples to file for an uncontested divorce in California if they can work out an amicable agreement on their own. California is a no-fault state, which means that as long as one spouse cites “irreconcilable differences,” there are grounds for divorce. If you have an uncontested divorce in California, we have several options through Hello Divorce. In fact, the average cost for a contested divorce is approximately $20,000+; in Los Angeles, this fee is often higher! If you are unable to reach an amicable agreement, you will need to hire an attorney or a professional mediator. Uncontested Divorce in California 100% Court Approval Guarantee. You can also visit the California Courts website for more information on qualifications and requirements for an uncontested divorce in California.