What according to bacon are the main uses of studies? Notice Bacon's reliance on parallel structures (in particular, tricolons ) throughout this concise, aphoristic essay. We need you to answer this question! This is the most interesting man in modern Western history. We would exercise one way to be able to run faster, and another way to be able to dance. Study as an activity, in whatever form, brings us joy and enhances our thinking, speaking and writing ability adding charm to our personality. Bacon begins this essay by arguing that studies are good for a number of reasons: "for delight, for ornament, and for ability." Hi Anand. In the context of business, which, for Bacon, also includes politics, study increases one's judgment and ability to handle all elements of public life. Study, Bacon asserts, is for the mind what exercise is for the body. And we would choose which exercise depending on what we wanted to achieve and also on an honest assessment of our weaknesses. Francis Bacon, the first major English essayist, comments forcefully in Of Studies on the value of reading, writing, and learning. I’m not going to answer your question directly - immediately - as you have caught me thinking of Sir Francis B. What according Francis Bacon three uses of studies Ask for details ; Follow Report by Shreyansh6814 06.03.2019 Log in to add a comment Of Studies by Francis Bacon [Explanation in blue, original in black] Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability.