This can give you a broad sense of what counts as a good score. So, 166 is certainly a good GRE Quant score: only one test taker out of every ten has a score that high. What is a Good GRE test Score? For a variety of reasons, you may wish to go to a school outside of the top 10. Here’s a summary of the data for GRE Quant, based on scores from 2014 to 2017. What Is a Good GRE Score? If so, a good idea is to ask the school(s) for any information they can give you about what score is required; they may be able to tell you the average GRE score from last year’s intake of students. Is 300 a good GRE score? Taking the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a vital part of pursuing many different types of graduate degrees, and many graduate programs will not even admit students who do not achieve good scores. The ETS provides data about how common or rare each GRE score is. Some of the good Universities take this GRE Score. But it is always better if … There are other factors we must look into when estimating a good GRE score: Score requirements of the school or program: The concept of an acceptable GRE score largely varies from school to school and university to university. How Common is a Good GRE Score? A “good” GRE score is basically dependent on the program that you want to enroll in. What is a Good GRE Score?

As of the recent data from ETS, the average score for the totality of GRE test-takers is 150 for the Verbal Reasoning test and 152 for the Quantitative Reasoning test. Students desirous of studying in the international university must appear in the GRE General test as most universities of the USA and Canada accept the GRE score as a performance measure.. A ‘good’ score in both quantitative and verbal sections would be above the 165 mark. 300 is a good GRE Score. If you’re applying to graduate school, you’ve probably already started thinking about the GRE General Test. One of the best scores that students can achieve in GRE. What is a good score range for most other schools? GRE or Graduate Record Examination is an examination used as a benchmark to measure the potential of a candidate. According to the Educational Testing Service , listed below are the average GRE scores by intended graduate major field: To have a clear strategy and plan of action, create a list of your target programs and schools when you begin your GRE preparation. As such, a good score depends not only on the school you’re applying to but also on the specific program within that school. The GRE test is used as an admissions exam for a very wide and diverse set of programs.

The GRE general test is conducted, generally, on all working days, all through the year. Ans.