ISBN 0-434-00491-X; Arrow paperback ISBN 0-09-927234-2. Emma a Normandiei (c. 985 – 6 martie 1052) a fost regină consort a Angliei, Danemarcei și Norvegiei. Issue: 5. Hollick, Helen (2004) The Hollow Crown. William the Conqueror (c. 1027 –1087), also known as William I of England, was the first Norman King of England (1066–1087). Emma of Normandy was born circa985 to Richard I, Duke of Normandy (933-996) and Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy (c936-1031) and died 21 February 1052 inWinchester, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom of unspecified causes. Roedd hi'n fam i dri mab, y Brenin Edward y Cyffeswr, Alfred Ætheling, a'r Brenin Harthacnut, … That event is shown on the Bayeux Tapestry.He changed the course of both Norman and English history. Roedd Emma o Normandi (tua 984 - 6 Mawrth 1052) yn frenhines gydweddog Lloegr, Denmarc a Norwy.Roedd hi'n ferch i Richard I, Dug Normandi, a'i ail wraig, Gunnor. Biography . Emma of Normandy (c. 985 – 6 March 1052) was a queen consort of England, Denmark and Norway.She was the daughter of Richard I, Duke of Normandy, and his second wife, Gunnora.Through her marriages to Æthelred the Unready (1002–1016) and Cnut the Great (1017–1035), she became the Queen Consort of England, Denmark, and Norway. Emma var dóttir Ríkharðs óttalausa, hertoga af Normandí, og seinni konu hans, Gunnóru. Emma of Normandy (984-6 March 1052) was the wife of King Canute of Denmark, Norway, and England and the daughter of Richard I of Norway. Goda of England (c1004-c1047) 2. , Emma’s second husband was Cnut, who was from Denmark.. Emma of Normandy (c985-1052) 2. Emma "Ælgifu" of Normandy (985 14 Mar 1052 Winchesterl) m.1 Æthelred II m.2 (2 or 31 Jul 1017) Canute Havise (d. 21 Feb 1034). Emma of Paris (943 – 19 March 968), was a duchess consort of Normandy, married to Richard I, Duke of Normandy.She was the daughter of Count Hugh the Great of Paris and Hedwiga de Sachsen and sister of Hugh Capet, king of France.. Emma was betrothed to Richard I in her childhood as a part of an alliance between Normandy and Paris against the French royal house. Four or more generations of descendants of Emma of Normandy (c985-1052) if they are properly linked: 1. Emma was born to William Fitz-Osbern and his wife Adeliza, the daughter of Roger I of Tosny and his wife Adelaide (descendant from the County of Barcelona). Ælfred Æþeling of England (-c1036) She was born in or around 1059 in Breteuil in Normandy. Here is a short history of Emma/Ælfgifu. Emma af Normandí (um 985 – 6. mars 1052) var drottning Englands á 11. öld, seinni kona Aðalráðs ráðlausa og síðar kona Knúts mikla, móðir tveggja Englandskonunga og stjúpmóðir tveggja annarra.Hún var líka afasystir Vilhjálms bastarðs Englandskonungs.. Drottning tveggja konunga. (August 2004) William Heinemann, Random House. In 1002 CE Æthelred was king of England and wanted a way to build better relationships with the Danes, who were continual attacking England.So he married Emma, sister of the Duke of Normandy.