What Can I Do To Save Water in My Bathroom?

Climate change is a reality not only proved by science, but made evident by reading worldwide news: Heat waves and blizzards simultaneously in different parts of a same country, severe droughts in America while there are unending rains and floods in Asia, sea levels rising, melting icebergs and glaciers, and the headlines go on and on. For the last decade or so, we have register record-breaking high temperatures each year compared to the previous one.

In this context, water is rapidly becoming a more precious and endangered resource. And while it is true that it is very little what we can individually contribute to stop climate change in the grand scheme of things, we can certainly help in our own turf, starting with our home and our family. It is most definitely a start.

One of the most wasteful places for water is very near us: our own bathroom, restroom or toilet. Stop to think about it for a second: How long does it take you to shower? What about your children? Do you stop the tap while you brush your teeth, shampoo your head or wash yourself? When was the last time you checked your toilet, faucet or showerhead for leaks?

A little action like completely turning off the water while you brush your teeth can result in a significant saving of water in the long run. Just picture this: A regular showerhead can release as much as 12 liters per minute, which amounts to 240 litters for a 20-minute shower. That means a household of four could spend almost 1.000 litters a day just showering.

But you know what? You are not alone!

Introducing Acqua Tempus, a shower timer that cuts off water. It is a patented technology that allows you to establish a maximum limit of time for water release in the shower, thus helping you and your family more closely control the amount of water (and energy) you use.

This little change will go a long way in making you and your family more resource-efficient and environmentally conscious. Acqua Tempus is very simple device to install, program and use. It does not require plumbing or additional electrical installations. It has a battery that recharges itself with the flow of water. It also has a water leak sensor: in case someone leaves the tap open, it will automatically close the tap to prevent any waste.

Combine the use of Acqua Tempus with additional actions like installing a more efficient and modern toilet, designed to use less water to flush, as well as constantly checking all the plumbing in your bathroom for leaks, and you’ll start making your own contribution to stopping climate change.

Talk and educate your children (and maybe even your spouse) on being more conscious of the use of water when cleaning up. Teach them by example, even make a game out of it!

Acqua Tempus is a proprietary design by Arelia, a Spanish company committed to the efficient use of water and energy, focused on designing and promoting new technologies to stop climate change.

Arelia products are available worldwide. They will not only help you save water, energy and money, but also help our beloved planet. Arelia can be your greatest ally in reducing the impact of climate change and contributing to a better world for our children and ourselves.

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Choose The Best Hotel-Style Apartment In Bucharest

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing had become one of the essential roles. From then on, choosing the best studios or hotel-style apartments in Bucharest made a difference. The alternative hotel came into existence at a much lower price. The hotel-style apartment where one can get all the hotel facilities starting from the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, and other needs. One of the best websites none other than MRG apartment provides regim hotelier sector 4 hotel style apartments in Bucharest.

How Hotel-Style Apartment Is Better

The short-term rental studio or hotel-style apartment in Bucharest is the best to offer space to the tourist. There are certain advantages of the hotel-style apartment and why it is best. Have a look below.

Public Transport

We want quick access to public transport when we talk about any rental or hotel-style apartment. Usually, the short-term rental apartment is near the metro or bus station, so the distance from supermarkets, banks, and shops is easily visited.

Booking Facility

We all live in an Internet world where online booking is easily accessible. To search for a perfect hotel-style apartment, you can book online with the date of arrival and the area you want to book. An online booking facility is also available for the short-term rental apartment, saving you time with discounted prices.

Well Furnished

The best hotel-style apartment provides all the facilities of a hotel. It is well furnished and fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, and living room that will provide comfort and ease. Comparing this with five-star hotel rooms provides phenomenal results with privacy and comfort. The room services, staff facilities, decoration all have better facilities.

Another Service

Other services include facilities like cable connection, HDTV connection, Netflix connection, and Wi-Fi connection, which is available 24 hours. It will help to overcome the problem, and the use of entertainment value will always remain the same.

Whether one needs to organize a business trip or wants to reduce the enormous expenses of an event, short-term rental apartments in Bucharest can eliminate an individual’s need. It will provide comfort similar to the temporary home where every facility, from online booking, opportunity to cook, restaurant meals, room service, and kitchen, is available.

The hotel-style apartment is the best where one can demand a business plan. Although it provides comfort and privacy at accessible prices, one can easily exist the short stay hotel-style apartment in Bucharest. It is one of the best style apartments, surpassing the hotel and providing quality service to the tourists who stay for a short duration.

Bottom Line

Last but not least, choose the best hotel-style apartment and be the one to avail all the features similar to the hotel. Online booking is made using the top apartment website, and within a short time, you can get hotel-style apartments booked of your taste and type. Avail of all the benefits and never miss the chance to search for the perfect apartment according to the number of people you choose.

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How the Internet of Things Changed Home Security Forever

It is probably safe to say that most of us take the internet for granted. If you were born in the 1990s or later, you probably don’t have any memories of a world without the internet. It has become so pervasive in modern society that we take the internet for granted. It’s like air – we expect it to always be there.

A good way to illustrate just how much the internet has impacted modern life is to look at home security. Modern home security doesn’t just rely on internet access, it depends on the internet of things (IoT) to function properly. It is the IoT that makes modern home security smart. It is that which allows integration between security and automation.

Before the Internet

Home security existed before the internet. Outfitted homes were equipped with burglar alarms and CCTV cameras. Those that were monitored around the clock were connected to remote monitoring centers via landline telephone. All the equipment was wired to the home’s electrical system for power purposes.

Those older home security systems were effective. They did what they were designed to do. Yet they were still limited in function and feature. Once the internet became a thing, home security began to change.

With the Internet

With the advent of the internet, home security companies could begin connecting their equipment to remote servers via internet connections. The biggest benefit was remote storage. With the internet, video footage no longer had to be stored on tapes located in the home. It could be stored remotely on computer servers.

As the internet involved, the IoT eventually emerged. That changed everything. The IoT took remote video storage to the next level and beyond.

Home Security with the IoT

These days, the IoT enables everything from remotely accessed wireless video cameras to entire smart home systems that include home security components. It is the IoT that gives companies like Vivint Smart Home so many avenues for making homes safer and more secure.

The IoT is that collection of internet-enabled devices that can all be interconnected across global networks. Wireless video cameras are part of the IoT. Because they are, you can pull up live video feeds from your own cameras 24/7. All you need is an internet connection and a device to get online.

Your video doorbell also works because of the IoT. So do your smart locks. Most important of all, the IoT is responsible for the integration of home automation and security equipment. Home automation and security are no longer separate entities; they have melded into a single entity, for all intents and purposes.

We Live in a Connected World

If you strip away all the hardware and software, you discover that the IoT is the engine that drives modern society. Another way to put it is to say that we live in a connected world. Most parts of the Earth are connected by global networks. And because of that, we are able to use things like wireless video cameras and smart locks.

Making it all work requires that devices be able to communicate with one another and remote servers. They all need to speak the same language. Though there are some ongoing issues with that, things are improving with every passing day. The further we go in the IoT world, the more interconnected we become.

If you ever want to know how profoundly the world has been impacted by the IoT, just spend some time thinking about how much functionality your home security and automation system offers. None of that would be possible without the IoT.

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Does Home Security Really Reduce Homeowners Insurance Rates?

What homeowner in America would not be happy to get a reduction in their insurance rates? Homeowners insurance premiums have tracked right along with everything else in our economy: ever upward. Anything that can reduce rates or temporarily slow their climb would be welcome. Does installing home security qualify?

Home security companies have long suggested that installing things like video cameras and monitored smoke detectors could lead to lower insurance premiums. But then again, we would expect that. They want to sell home security systems. But are such claims true? Apparently, yes.

From the Horse’s Mouth

At least one insurance company, Allstate, says right on its website that “you may qualify for homeowners insurance discounts if you install certain safety devices that help protect your loved ones and your property.” They then go on to list some of the safety devices homeowners should consider:

  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire alarms
  • Burglar alarm systems.

All three are standard fare in the modern home security arena. Even the most basic security systems include burglar protection, smoke, and CO detectors, and at least one or two wireless cameras. A basic system may not qualify for the largest possible discount but beef up that system and you will do better. Allstate suggests that things like deadbolts and fire extinguishers can increase discounts even further.

Monitored Home Security

Choosing to install a home security system immediately opens the door to numerous options. At the top of the list is the choice between monitored and unmonitored security. The former involves a monitoring package from a company like Vivint Smart Home. You either purchase or rent security equipment that is remotely monitored twenty-four hours per day, every day of the week.

An unmonitored system is not connected to a remote monitoring center. Any and all monitoring is done by the homeowner by way of mobile apps connected to video cameras, window and door sensors, and smoke and CO detectors. If that much is not even being done, a security system becomes little more than a noise making machine.

Vivint says that homeowners are likely to get a larger discount if their home security systems are monitored. That makes complete sense. Monitoring is advantageous in the sense that it guarantees someone is always paying attention even when there is no one at the monitored home. Monitoring facilitates a faster response when emergencies do occur, thereby minimizing losses. Of course, insurance companies would prefer the monitored option.

Insurance Is About Risk

If you are still not clear as to why insurance companies offer discounts for home security systems, here is what you need to know: insurance is all about risk. Whenever an insurance company writes a homeowners policy, it takes a risk that it may have to pay out more in claims then it receives in annual premiums. The greater the risk, the more the insurance company stands to lose.

It is in the insurance company’s best interests to reduce risk as much as possible. One of the best ways to do that is to encourage homeowners to make their properties safer. A safe for property is one less likely to suffer substantial losses in the event of a covered incident. This translates to lower risk and less lost potential for the insurance company.

It turns out that home security companies have been right all along. It is possible to reduce your homeowner’s insurance rate by installing a home security system. Whether or not the rate reduction is more than the cost of the security system is not clear. That is something you would have to research.

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The Benefits Of Rubber Sports Flooring

Sports flooring is an essential part of any gym or playing field. There are many different types of sports flooring, but rubber is one of the most popular materials. Rubber is a durable material that can withstand wear and tear. It is also soft, which makes it comfortable for athletes to use.

There are many benefits to using rubber sports flooring. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Safety

One of the biggest benefits of rubber sports flooring is that it is safe. Rubber is a soft material that will not cause injuries if athletes fall on it. It is also non-slip, which means athletes will not slip and fall while using it.

  1. Durability

Rubber is a durable material that can withstand wear and tear. This makes it a good choice for sports flooring, as it will last for a long time.

  1. Comfort

Rubber is a soft material, making it comfortable for athletes to use. It will not cause injuries if athletes fall on it, and it is also non-slip. This makes it a safe and comfortable choice for sports flooring.

  1. Cost

Rubber is a relatively affordable material, making it a cost-effective choice for sports flooring. It is durable and will last for a long time, making it a good value for the money.

  1. Appearance

Rubber sports flooring is available in various colors, which makes it a versatile choice for any gym or playing field. It also has a rubber-like appearance, which gives it an attractive look.

How can you maintain rubber sports flooring?

a) Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to remove any dirt or debris

Sweeping or vacuuming the floor regularly will help keep it clean and looking its best.

b) Mop the floor with a damp mop to remove any dirt or stains

Moping the floor with a wet mop will help to remove any dirt or stains that may occur.

c) Apply a sealant to the floor every few years

Applying a sealant to the floor every few years will help protect it from dirt and stains. This will help to keep it looking its best for longer.

d) Replace any damaged tiles immediately

You can immediately keep the floor looking its best by replacing any damaged tiles.

Different materials can be used in sports flooring; they include;

  • Carpet: This material is affordable and can be installed quickly, but it is not as durable as other materials.
  • Vinyl-vinyl is a popular choice for sports flooring because it is durable and easy to clean. It is also affordable and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Concrete-although this material is not as common, it is very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • Wood-although this material is not as common, it is very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Which material is the best for sports flooring?

There is no one “best” material for sports flooring, as each has its benefits and drawbacks. However, rubber is a popular choice due to its durability, safety, and comfort. It is also affordable and comes in various colors, which makes it versatile for any gym or playing field.

When choosing rubber sports flooring, it is crucial to consider its benefits. Rubber is a durable, safe, and comfortable material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also affordable and attractive, making it a good choice for any gym or playing field.

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Features and Qualities Of The Good Robot Vacuum

The truth that a robot vacuum can mop and vacuum flooring even if home owners are away helps make the machines very reliable and convenient. Nothing could be better ones than knowing you will get the place to find a crisp, clean home without worries of buildup of debris, dust and grime. But with the amount of robot options now available for sale, can you be sure a great robot for your house? The characteristics and qualities will go a lengthy means by guiding you right and reliable machine for your house.

Quiet operation – A great robot vacuum won’t interrupt anybody’s sleep because it does its chores around the house. One with quiet operation is amazing, specifically for houses which have young children since it implies that everyone can continue taking pleasure in their sleep no matter the schedule here we are at the robot to complete the cleaning.

Prrr-rrrglable schedule – Another feature which makes a great unit is the opportunity to program the cleaning schedule. The programming means that you could set the system to wash several occasions each day and also at specific occasions based on that which you find appropriate for the space. The programming is really easy which you can use an online to schedule the session. You don’t have to become home to get it functioning.

Sensors – They’re what make it easy for the robot vacuum to navigate around your home without thumping into anything. With sensors in position, you can be certain the vacuum will clean to the object edge and despite the fact that it might touch, no damages are carried out because it doesn’t drive directly into the obstacles. A few of the models are extremely good they contain small sensors over-all them, which touch objects, and therefore your furniture won’t be knocked whatsoever. Sensors make sure that your walls and furniture remain safe as well as in top condition.

Easy maintenance – One other good sign of a great robot vacuum is the simplicity. It ought to be simple to empty the dust bin as well as clean the comb and filter. A high quality one will really include a proven method to create your cleaning simpler. One that has mechanically cleanable cleaning pads provides you with a simple time being careful from the machine to enhance the performance.

Sleek design – As with every other addition to your house, you’ll need a robot that combines effortlessly in to the house. One that includes a chic, attractive and subtle look can serve as yet another beauty mark to your house. Fortunately, most robots are very sleek in design and are available in beautiful colors to match different preferences and decorations.

Multi-functional – No robot vacuum can beat one that will function as a broom, vacuum along with a mop simultaneously. The greater it may perform the better and much more beneficial it will likely be in your home. This type of unit are designed for any kind of grime or stain, making certain that you’ve a completely clean home. Some models really have Dust filters that purify the atmosphere and Ultra violet light to kill bacteria as cleaning continues.

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Brought Lighting – Do You Know The Options?

Brought lighting makes an excellent option for the outside since they’re durable and also have a longer lifespan. You will find a lot of advantages surrounding Brought lighting and increasing numbers of people are switching for them for much better lighting solutions. There is also a vast number of these fittings to select from based on that which you find more appropriate for your needs as well as your preferences. But you will find a couple of things you must know about the choices which are available for you personally.

Brought Lighting

Light recognition – This technique type includes a sensor that picks up light and can therefore start activating as dusk falls and will get fully illuminated at night has set. It runs till daybreak after which progressively fades as day breaks. They create determining your outside lighting easy because you don’t have to bother with switching the machine off and on. You can be certain of the lighted outside even if you are abroad.

Switch operated – This kind was created using the outdoors in your mind and it has a switch from where one can turn the lights once the need arises. It offers a superior control of your lights and also you therefore can certainly control the quantity of electricity used. If you don’t need continuous lighting in your outdoors, this is actually the system to select.

Motion recognition – The motion recognition systems for the outdoors have sensors that identify movement and for that reason illuminate lighting the region. It is simple to adjust how lengthy the sunshine remains on following the recognition before it switches off. The machine is excellent for individuals who have to improve security around their houses or property.

Brought Lighting – The Outside

Light publish – The fixture is positioned within the yard around the publish glued by concrete. The posts tend to be more well suited for safety and appearance and ideal for areas without any street lamps.

Wall mounts – The fixture is installed on your house walls either on verandas or decks. They create probably the most preferred options among home owners simply because they add beauty towards the home and turn into safe.

Spotlights – The lights emit a really strong light beam on the specific area and are created to be adjustable with respect to the needs. They may be used to showcase your preferred landscape feature within the garden or use for safety reasons around high traffic areas like the gate.

Path lights – Similar to the title indicates, the lights are utilized to light the journey and they may be in almost any style you like. They create perfect options for pathways which are uneven to help keep falling and stumbling away. Additionally they make good options for extended paths. They may be put on small rods on in-ground to light up the road as preferred.

String lights – Brought lighting for outside decoration may also be presented on the strand that’s hung where lights are preferred. You are able to flair your garden or deck while using string lights. They may be ideal for festivities simply because they add a little fun and sweetness besides offering needed light within the areas.

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Foundation Settling Problem Signs

Every home encounters some foundation settling with time, but does have a tendency to mean trouble? The types of materials utilized in house construction, together with the load of the home and also the soil conditions, all modify the foundation to some extent. Small cracks and misalignments can frequently easily be fixed, particularly when caught early. However when left without treatment, these little problems can be cultivated into bigger issues. If you realise to acknowledge signs of serious settling, you’ll have the ability to place little problems and also have them fixed before extensive damage can happen.

Indications of Trouble within the Basement

When cracks come in put concrete basement walls, it’s typically a obvious signal the home’s footings might be settling. For those who have cracks that position lower in the upper corners of the wall, particularly when supported with a vertical crack in the heart of the wall, this might indicate a significant degree of damage. For those who have block walls below grade level, foundation settling is frequently shown by bows or bumps in the heart of the walls, together with zig-zag cracks running with the mortar joints.

Imbalance between your house’s foundation and framework can often be seen as an manifestation of damage within the basement, though you can also sometimes check this out outdoors of the house. Water seepage in to the basement may also indicate potential issues however, seepage can occasionally exist in a seem foundation and could not always indicate an issue.

Interior Symbol of Settling

Doorways that will not open or close easily, or which have gaps round the jamb are not just do it yourself projects. They are definite indications of foundation settling. This is also true of home windows that stick in place or that need a lot of effort to spread out or close.

There also might be a basis problem if molding or trim pieces become misaligned using the wall, particularly around doorways and home windows. Interior wall cracks, especially individuals close to the corners of doorways and home windows, could be a manifestation of foundation settling. Protruding or sagging sections within the floor, lifted or cracked flooring and warped hardwood floors can also be proof of foundation issues.

Exterior Indicators

With brick and block houses, foundation settling is frequently shown by cracks within the mortar joints. When the cracks are excessive or maybe they relocate a stair-like pattern with large gaps and separations between your bricks or gemstones, a substantial foundation problem might be present. Another obvious manifestation of damage is brick, stone, or siding which has drawn from the exterior walls, departing gaps around doorways and home windows.

The health of the chimney is yet another telltale manifestation of foundation settling. If yours is cracked or leaning, don’t delay in seeking the aid of an expert contractor. The floor surrounding your home might also provide indications of an issue. Ideally, the floor ought to be well-compressed also it should dry and drain correctly following a lue-sky. Cracking in the earth, unusual regions of wet or soft grime and standing water round the perimeter of the house may suggest an issue.

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Questions to Ask your New Landlord

Renting a home can be an exciting time, but it also involves trust between landlord and tenants. When you decided to rent, there are many items to discuss to ensure that you are on the same page. Take the time to make sure you understand the terms laid out in the rental agreement, and ask the questions that need to be asked, such as is renters insurance required? Here are seven questions to ask a new landlord:

  1. What is the Itemization of the Rent?

Often, renters look at the rental price and assume that it covers everything they need to pay. However, the price you see listed is often only the rent itself, and utilities, parking fees, and cable are extra. When considering the agreement with your landlord, ensure to cover what is not included in the rent. You don’t want to sign a contract, then be surprised by extra costs.

  1. Are There Additional Fees?

Depending on the type of property you are interested in renting, there might be additional fees for specific features. For example, if you are looking for an apartment with parking, it might be an additional fee and not included in the rental price. Additional costs can add up and play a role in determining if you can financially afford to live at the property. Having all information on additional fees, what is included in rent, etc., can help compare different rentals to decide which one works for you.

  1. What Are Acceptable Payment Methods?

An important question to ask is, what are acceptable payment methods for rent? Some landlords may have a specific plan that helps them manage their accounts, while others may be picky about making sure they get their payment at a particular time. You’ll need to know what payment methods they accept rent payments in, such as e-transfer, cash, bank transfer, or cheques. Payment methods are essential for someone who does not have easy access to the bank, but their landlord might require it.

  1. What is the Move-in Date?

Sometimes landlords quickly put up a listing hoping to have a tenant as soon as possible. When there is a rushed date, it could mean you are paying rent and moving in only a few short days. If the property owner is in a hurry to fill the rental right away, you need to consider the time it takes to get a deposit, leave your current residence, pay rent, and moving. Moving is a stressful, time-consuming event, so it could be stressful if you sign an agreement that doesn’t give you flex-time. Ask your landlord what date they expect you to move in and if there is any flex-time to put a deposit down to hold the rental, but move in (and begin paying) a couple of weeks later.

  1. Is the Rental Pet-Friendly?

A pet-friendly rental will be essential to consider if you have a pet.  It will help if you asked if your landlord allows pets. Knowing the restrictions and rules for pets at the rental property can help determine your decision. You can use sites to search rentals and select specific filters, such as pet-friendly, so you only see rentals that allow pets. It would be best to discuss expectations around having a pet in the rental since certain areas your pet has access to or limited spaces. Sometimes rentals are specific on the size of the pet allowed.

  1. Are Inspections Made Regularly?

A common complaint that tenants typically have with their landlords is a delayed response time to a maintenance issue or problem in the rental. Ask your landlord before signing an agreement on how often inspections are made and their policy for fixing issues. You will want an organized landlord who is on top of the property maintenance. You should also ask your landlord what the procedure is for inspections. Do they give you notice beforehand, or do they knock on the door and enter at their convenience? How can you submit a claim? All of this information is important in preparing you for how the landlord handles and runs the property.

  1. What Is the Length of the Lease?

You will need to ask the landlord about the length of the lease. Not every rental is month-to-month payments, and some will ask for the first and last month’s rent in advance. Sometimes, landlords might require a tenant to commit to a two-year lease. Be sure to consider all the parts of the lease to know that the lease of the rental fits your timeframe when you sign.

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Common Errors in Choosing Lighting Fixtures For The Household

Most likely probably the most essential aspects when improving a house may be the lights. Lighting fixtures can provide numerous benefits for home proprietors. For starters, light fixtures can provide illumination throughout night time which supports people accomplish their tasks easily and safely. Furthermore, light fixtures may also help make houses safer. And, lighting fixtures may also help make houses convenient and appealing.

Therefore, it is important for home proprietors to make certain they select the right type of light for houses. However, due to many lights, some home proprietors make a few mistakes that could ruin their project. To have the ability to avoid these, you should learn about these complaints. Listed here are the next.

Selecting for style over functionality

Most likely the most typical errors when buying lights is selecting for style over functionality. Right now, you’ll find numerous lighting styles. Thus, some home proprietors become overcome in choosing. This can get worse when home proprietors choose stylish over functional lights for houses.

Neglecting the location where one can install the daylight fixture

Next, some home proprietors also disregard the area where the lights will probably be placed in. Clearly, some home proprietors incorporate versions inside their houses regarding the region. Hence, you’ll find occasions whenever a particular kind of fitting will not complement another room. So, you need to determine the location before purchasing a simple.

Not taking into consideration the ceiling height

Another common mistake home proprietors make when buying lights is not taking into consideration the ceiling height. For instance, most likely the most typical kinds of light fixtures home proprietors choose is chandeliers. Chandeliers might make houses appealing and opulent. However, chandeliers aren’t recommended for low roofs since you can get accidents and it’ll ruin the style of the house

Not analyzing the wattage

When buying lights for the household, you’ll want to determine the wattage. Surely, you may purchase wonderful lights for the household, but you spend greater electric energy bills due to its wattage. By analyzing the wattage, you’ll be able to eliminate overhead expenses regarding electric energy bills.

Cost over quality

Finally, some home proprietors also purchase the wrong lights for house specially when they’re going for reasonable prices over quality. This is considered the most typical mistakes of home proprietors simply because they think that all light fixtures are the same. However, high quality lights are more powerful than regular ones. In addition to, high quality lights offer better illumination and safety.

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