4 Tips to Keep Your Tattoo Machine in Top Shape

    Tattooing art can only be as effective as your skills, experience, and equipment. You have invested in state-of-the-art tattoo equipment, but are you taking the right measures to keep them in top shape? Finding the best tattoo equipment might not be such a hassle as there are numerous vendors in the competitive market. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you should not prioritize maintaining your equipment. The last thing you want is to lose business as the equipment breaks mid-way or you experience numerous complaints due to exposure to certain risks. Keeping your tattoo equipment in top shape improves your operations’ effectiveness, lets you enjoy it for an extended period, and helps you win more clients. Here are some straightforward tips you can employ to keep your tattoo equipment in top shape.

    Keep it lubricated

    Keeping the tattoo machine lubricated lessens the chances of rust. The worst part about rust is that it can go unnoticed, especially as it strikes areas such as springs that aren’t readily visible. Rust can significantly affect your tattooing efforts as the machine becomes stiffer, not to mention putting your clients at higher risk of infection. Applying lubricant keeps the parts moving while keeping rust at bay, a simple but effective measure to ensure that your tattoo machine is in top shape.

    Clean and sterilize

    Hygiene shouldn’t be taken lightly in your tattooing activities, noting that your customers are putting their personal safety and health in your hands. Cleaning and sterilizing are among the top routines that keep your station safer and help get the most out of the tattoo equipment. Clean first before sterilizing; cleaning eliminates debris, either organic or inorganic, ensuring that your sterilization efforts are effective. The simplest hack is to invest in the best cleaning equipment to make the process a lot more comfortable and effective.

    Know your equipment

    Wear and tear is certain, as the tattoo equipment deals with the pressure and strain every session. The tricky part with wear and tear is that it is usually hidden, especially in the machine’s mechanisms’ crannies and nooks. If you know your tattoo equipment, you won’t have such a hard time noticing wear and tear. You’ll feel it while preparing and operating, making it easier to establish that you need to give it some tender loving care to keep it in top shape.

    Learn a few fixes

    Your tattoo equipment could be ineffective due to simple concerns such as carbon build-up. Learning how to deal with such issues can considerably improve your activities. Understanding various parts and their mechanisms also helps. For instance, power cords might be a problem that you can comfortably fix if you have a spare, without calling a technician. Earning a few fixes can save time and money while ensuring that your tattoo equipment is in top shape.

    Keeping your tattoo equipment might feel like a daunting process, but it is a lot simpler if you observe a practical routine. Ensuring that your tattoo studio has a simple layout is also recommended to facilitate smooth operations.