Bingo Games To Play 

    Bingo is a popular game which is also called Lotto. It is a card game whose cards consist of number grids and rows. The gamers have to choose random digits and win accordingly. Bingo games are also considered budget-friendly gambling around the world.

    If you are new to bingo games, this article will help you learn more about them.

    How To Play Bingo Games? 

    The players have to buy cards that are separated into numbered and blank squares. The selected numbers from 75 to 90 are considered bankers. The first player who gets the card with all the numbers has to shout “bingo.” The individual has to collect all the money after winning the game.

    There is another way to play bingo in which the card from the central square is free. The winner will be the player who gets all five correct in consecutive rows like vertical, horizontal, etc.

    Different Types Of Bingo Games To Play 

    ·        90 Ball Bingo

    It is a traditional bingo game that is played online. There may be variations in the game rules. The purpose of this game is to mark one line or the full house of matched cards.

    ·        75-Ball Bingo

    It is different from 90-ball bingo. In this game, they use 75 balls to make patterns with the grid, which may vary in each game.

    ·        52 Ball Bingo

    52-ball bingo is a combination of both 90-ball and 75 ball bingo. 52 represent the number of cards in the deck. Each player has to mark the five cards that they have.

    ·        Slingo

    Slingo is different from all the above-mentioned games. It is a combination of bingo and slots. In these games, players have bingo cards of numbers. They have to mark the cards by spinning the reels.

    ·        Bingo Roulette

    In this game, the player has to spin the roulette wheel to build numbers.

    Top 3 Android Bingo Games To Play

    ·         Bingo Gem Rush

    Bingo Gem Rush is the most popular application for playing bingo. It allows the players to play infinite games with artificial barriers without restrictions. The game is free and has many interesting offers that can attract game lovers.

    ·        Bingo Blitz

    It is a user-friendly app that allows gamers to enjoy the game very well. The game provides real-time multiplayer. Bingo Blitz is an accessible ad compatible with Facebook and attracts many Facebook users. The app also provides a space to chat with other players between game rounds.

    ·        Lucky Bingo

    It is a popular app in the Google Play store and consists of four bingo games. It includes Live Action Bingo, Bingo Hell, instant Bingo, and Painfully Slow Bingo. Even though Bingo Hell is hard to play, it offers many offers to winners.

    Final Word

    Bingo Games are popular since the olden days. The rules of the games vary from time to time, but the goal of winning remains constant among the players. If you are interested in bingo games to play, you can try it out through an online application from the play store.