Buying That First Wireless Camera – There Are So Many Choices

    Joining the smart home revolution begins with investing in that very first smart device. For many people, the first device is a wireless video camera. But making the decision to buy a camera is the easy part. The harder part is actually deciding on which one to get.

    Buying that first wireless camera can seem like a daunting task inasmuch as there are so many choices. Not only that, but many manufacturers claim to make the best cameras on the market. How does one distinguish between brands? How does one decide on the type of camera to start with?

    There are no easy answers. It all boils down to research. For homeowners looking to invest in that first camera, doing as much research as possible goes a long way toward answering questions and providing guidance. But at the end of the day, sometimes homeowners just need to make a best guess and then jump in.

    Wireless Doorbell Cameras

    For many homeowners new to the smart home environment, that first device is a wireless doorbell camera. Doorbell cameras are so popular that millions have been sold around the world. The devices are easy to install and equally easy to use. They enhance home security and deter certain types of property crimes.

    In terms of home security providers, Vivint was one of the early adopters of the video doorbell. Their smart home systems fully integrate with video doorbells from the Ring brand. If you wanted to purchase a doorbell camera separate from an integrated home automation system, there are tons of brands available off-the-shelf.

    The most convenient feature wireless doorbell cameras offer is onboard audio that lets homeowners communicate with visitors in real time. With a smartphone and companion mobile app, the homeowner can see and talk with visitors even if they are not home themselves.

    Other Exterior Cameras

    If the wireless doorbell camera has a weakness, it is its limited scope and view. The architectural design of a home can limit the scope of a view even more. So for some homeowners, the first wireless camera is an exterior camera they gets mounted high up on a wall, tree, or pole.

    A mounted exterior camera offers a much wider view. More advanced models tend to offer zoom control and the ability modify the view angle. These extra features give homeowners the opportunity to fine-tune camera views to show exactly what they want.

    Interior Wireless Cameras

    When it comes to interior wireless cameras, homeowners have even more options. First off is the mounted camera that is placed high on an interior wall. It gives a wide view of large areas within the home, be it the front entryway, the family room, the kitchen, etc.

    Portable interior cameras are placed on tables, counters, bookshelves, and other such surfaces. Though they can offer fairly wide views, they tend to be utilized for smaller areas where a more detailed view is desired.

    For more covert surveillance, some homeowners invest in hidden cameras. A hidden camera can give parents of small children some extra peace of mind through the ability to keep an eye on the sitter. Likewise, a hidden camera can keep track of contractors working in a home when the homeowner is at work.

    Though this post has introduced you to variety of wireless video cameras, it barely scratches the surface in terms of all the possibilities. Wireless cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes with tons of features that make them incredibly useful. Suffice it to say that there are plenty of choices.