How to make the perfect wedding album

    Which of us wouldn’t want to keep the best photos of our wedding? But the pictures have already been taken. And the newlyweds have a desire to make a beautiful photo album with them. Our company will help you to create the best wedding albums that will not disappoint you. Today, numerous experts agree that the wedding album attracts as much attention as the wedding dress. So for many married couples to layout a wedding album means giving yourself a great gift, keeping the most pleasant memories for many years. Creating the perfect wedding album

    is quite a challenge. In this article we offer ten helpful tips on what should be the wedding album of your dreams.

     Advice 1

    Keep the photos that evoke the most intense emotions. Even if there is not your image on them.   Photos from your best collections will be the most successful candidates for your family album. Choose only high-quality pictures. Bad shots have no place in your wedding album!

    Advice 2

    The pictures you take should tell as much as possible about you. Today, in the time of digital technology, there are a lot of opportunities for unusual design of a photo album. These are visual effects, and all sorts of design “tricks”. In addition, the order of image placement also matters. It’s best to place no more than 1-2 photos on the spread of the album. Vertical pics are usually placed on one page and horizontal ones are best placed on two.

    Advice 3

    It is better to arrange the pictures in chronological order. This means that photos from the wedding ceremony should be placed before the photo report of your banquet or party. The right order of shots won’t hurt your first family story.

    Advice 4

    Each page of your album is a story about you. Therefore, photographs must be related to each other in style and content. It’s better to publish pics similar in style side by side.

    Advice 5

    Pay more attention to the colors. It’s worth noting that at the moment laconic black and white photographs are becoming increasingly popular. Take several of these shots and arrange them in an album so that they alternate with color copies. This will add more color to your album.

    Advice 6

    Be sure to include photos of the main ceremony in your wedding album. Include the most important events and moments:

    • return to the altar;
    • exchange of wedding rings;
    • solemn kisses;
    • photos of the situation, pictures of guests and other highlights.

    If you have missed something important, be sure to include the omitted fact in your illustrated narrative.

    Advice 7

    Order your photo album as early as possible, be sure to attach the most important shots to the application. Ask your photographer to make an interesting collage. See what came out of it.

    Advice 8

    Decide on the number of wedding pictures. For the modest ceremony, the same voluminous photo material is not required as for the multi-day celebration. As a rule, the number of photos in a single album can be from 50 to 90 pages. But don’t overload your wedding photo album with secondary shots. Therefore, it is better to stop at ordering a trial, draft version.

     Advice 9

    Be sure to pay attention to the background and eye-catching prints. Choose your favorite and most successful pictures where you are shown together, while limiting the number of group photos.

    Advice 10

    Keep your photo album where it will look best. The best place for it would be a coffee table. After all, the most valuable and dear thing to you should be in a conspicuous place. But it would be best to hide it from your curious kids, and also keep it out of direct sunlight.