Important Tips on How You Can Keep Your Pool Area Safe

    If you want to enjoy your fibreglass pool to the maximum, you can’t ignore pool safety. After all, the poolside area is full of wet, slippery things, and people may get hurt if they don’t tread cautiously. But how do you ensure the safety of your poolside area? To know the answer read on.

    In this post, we’ll take you through the most essential pool safety tips that will keep you and your family from getting hurt in and around the poolside. So, without any further delay, let’s get started!

    1. Establish safety rules and enforce them

    Children are almost always likely to run around the poolside area and dive into the pool in the absence of adults. So, if you have kids at home, establish certain safety rules and educate them about why it’s important to follow those rules. Some rules you should establish and enforce include the following:

    1. No forcing and holding people underwater
    2. No pushing and shoving near the pool
    3. Keeping slippery pool toys safely tucked away after they’re used
    4. No diving into the pool when the water level is low
    5. No swimming in the absence of adults
    6. No running on the pool premises

    You should be strict with your kids if they don’t follow these rules and punish them by stopping them from using the pool for some time. Of course, kids are kids and they’ll look for every opportunity to break the rules. However, through proper education and enforcement, you can ensure that these rules are followed. Also, as parents, you need to be good role models and set the right examples. For instance, you can’t push and shove near the pool when the kids are watching.

    1. Have a pool alarm installed

    We mentioned in the previous point how kids will look for opportunities to bend and break the rules. A great way of preventing this is to get a pool alarm installed. Pool alarms are ideal for alerting pool owners through the detection of unauthorised pool access. Once any form of unauthorized access is detected, the alarm will be set off, allowing you to take corrective measures before it’s too late.

    Apart from keeping your kids safe, pool alarms can also detect burglary attempts if any miscreant tries to enter your property through the poolside area. If your home already has burglar and/or smoke alarms in place, ensure that the sound of your pool alarm is unique. All the alarms sounding the same will make it difficult for you to gauge what’s going on.

    1. Secure all pathways leading to the pool

    Kids are natural escape artists, and if they’re desperate to use the pool, they’ll try every method in the book to get past the obstacles blocking them from the pool. That’s why you should have all the pathways leading to your fibreglass pool secured through sliding door locks, childproof doorknobs, and lever locks.

    These products are quite inexpensive, and you can set them up yourself. Sure, this might end up disappointing the kids, but disappointing them, in this case, is better than them sustaining a serious injury in or around the fibreglass pools toowoomba.

    1. Get pool fencing installed

    Pool fencing is a popular solution for blocking kids’ access to the poolside. However, the installation needs to be spot on if you want it to effectively serve its purpose. For starters, the fencing should be tall (4 feet minimum), as a short fence may be quite easily climbed over.

    Also, the fences shouldn’t have excessive spacing, as this will make it easy for thin, slender kids to simply walk through them. Last but not least, steer clear of cut-outs or protuberances as they may be used as hand and foot holds for easy climbing.

    1. Don’t leave chemicals and pool cleaning products lying around in the open

    Pool chemicals and cleaning products are essential for removing contaminants from your fibreglass pool. They’re also vital in terms of maintaining the pool water’s pH balance. However, despite the benefits they have to offer for swimming pools, the fact is that they can be dangerous if consumed or if the skin gets into contact with them.

    That’s why it’s critical for you to ensure that all pool cleaning chemicals and products aren’t lying out in the open. Once you’ve cleaned your pool and restored its optimal pH balance, keep them locked away inside the house so your kids have absolutely no access to them.

    1. Invest in a pool safety net or cover

    Pool safety nets or covers provide various benefits. On the safety front, they can prevent your kids or pets from accidentally falling into the pool. They can also keep contaminants out of the pool and facilitate heat retention, which is important if you want to use the swimming pool during winters.

    If you want your pool cover to retain heat, keep contaminants out, and also prevent falls, you should check the material before purchase. Not all pool cover materials serve all these purposes. So, reach out to a reputed pool product dealership and ask for guidance.

    1. Keep an eye out on your swimming pool premises with a security camera

    There might be times during which you have to be away from home. At such times, pool alarms won’t be of any use, but security cameras will. So, get a few security cameras installed in and around the poolside area. The cameras should cover all the pool access points along with the swimming pool itself.

    Modern-day security camera systems allow pool owners to sync the cameras with smartphones. So, even if you’re away, you can monitor what’s happening in and around your swimming pool. If you detect something potentially dangerous, you can get in touch with one of your neighbours to intervene.

    1. Have a first-aid kit at the poolside

    Despite all protective and preventive measures, the unfortunate truth is that accidents can happen at any time. However, you can prepare for them by having a first-aid kit near the pool. So, even if something does go wrong, you don’t have to undertake a frantic search for first-aid supplies.

    Apart from topical medications and painkillers, the first-aid kit should also be inclusive of rescue tubes, life hooks, and life rings. Keep checking the kit from time to time to ensure that all the supplies are in good condition.

    In conclusion, prioritising safety in your pool area is crucial to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable experience for everyone. By implementing these important tips, such as maintaining proper supervision, installing safety features, and promoting responsible behaviour, you can create a secure environment that protects the well-being of your loved ones and guests. Remember, safety should always be at the forefront when it comes to pool ownership, allowing you to fully relish the pleasures of a refreshing and safe poolside haven.