Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Improves Charitable Outcomes With Ronald McDonald House Ontario Partnership

    Nestled in the heart of Manitoba is a Ronald McDonald’s House (RMHCC,) and it provides a safe and comforting space for families traveling as they seek medical treatment for a child. Ronald McDonald Houses has been an instrumental outreach program for McDonald’s as it has proven effective in finding support for those who need it the most.

    The Ronald McDonald House Charity Canada (RMHCC) recently announced a collaborative partnership with the use and garden manufacturers at Team Keter Group. CEO Alejandro Pena announced the collaboration as he sought to spotlight the imitators being done by the people below.

    Importance of Ronald McDonald House

    When families are dealing with a severe health emergency involving a child, it can be hard to think straight, much less at all. The Ronald McDonald House is a program that gives families crucial support when it is likely that they need it the most. The RMHCC programs give families a safe and comforting place to stay while traveling for medical aid. With 33 programs and 15 houses across Canada, families utilize the program around the clock and throughout the year.

    Different franchisees own the Ronald McDonald Houses in Canada, but they all work in concert when it comes time to support the ultimate mission statement of the program. The main branch of McDonald’s even supports charitable efforts by hosting events like McHappy Day in 2022. The ’22 McHappy Day raised more than $5 million for children’s charities and the RMHCC.

    Keter and Ronald McDonald House

    CEO Alejandro Pena was brought onboard at Keter Group to help guide the company through modernity, embracing sustainability while establishing new environmental norms.

    Pena has been effusive with praise for the work of the RMHCC, but he has also been uniquely focused on fostering charitable efforts closer to home.

    Keter Green Spaces is an initiative launched by Keter and backed by CEO Alejandro Pena. The program puts Keter employees in front of children as the employees teach them how to raise a garden and plant fora sustainably

     Additionally, Keter Green Spaces is a function used to stress the importance of sustainability and recycling.

    In addition to efforts at Keter Green Spaces, the team is focused on minimizing and limiting its overall carbon footprint. CEO Alejandro Pena announced that the company would bworkwith European distributors to collect waste left behind at their logistics centers. The goal will be to retain the waste, recycle it, and improve upon the Keter mission statement simultaneously.

    Finally, Keter is uniquely suited to speak on sustainability as they have collected mover20 metric tons of hangars from the sports giant Decathlon. Acquiring these hangars allowed Keter to strip ithemof resin, repurposing titfor further use.

    Understanding the importance of being an environmental steward, Keter continues to focus on meeting the needs of its clients while embracing its more extensive mission statement.