Onward & Upward: How Kevin Modany Utilizes His Skills to Build Better Teams and Stronger Businesses

    Executive leaders are the lifeblood by which businesses thrive, as they serve to connect stakeholders to profits by way of operational effectiveness. Through quick decision-making and effective human resource management, executive leaders can guide their companies to new levels.

    Kevin Modany is the Managing Partner of Bluerock Partners as well as an effective executive consultant. As an executive consultant, Modany has helped to guide operational leaders to higher levels and newer standards through key insights and tips.

    To help others find inspiration and success, Modany outlined a few of his best tips for prolonged success as a new and experienced executive.

    Setting the Tone as an Industry Leader

    A CEO should step into the office with a rounded set of skills backed by years of experience in their field. High-level executives will typically work their way up through the ranks, managing their company’s operations. Other executives may rise to the occasion on a faster track, leaning on technical skills along the way.

    No matter which way to the position an executive might take, Kevin Modany believes that they will best be served by following a few keys and guidelines along the way.

    Developing a Communicative Team

    Kevin Modany believes that it is integral to the long-term health of a company for its members to be able to communicate in an open, honest, and effective way. CEOs should set the tone by creating a communication method that is easy to follow for both leader and employee.

    Modany emphasizes the importance of a no-nonsense approach by advocating ignoring jargon and focusing instead on two-way exchanges. Keeping employees engaged and in on the conversation will fundamentally help the business improve.

    Master Prompt Decision Making Skills

    Effective leaders are able to guide their teams toward solutions by making concise and decisive choices. CEOs are well-known for their ability to swiftly make decisions despite not having access to every single detail on the subject.

    Kevin Modany believes it is important for forward-thinking executives to collect data and to keep it on hand to facilitate faster courses of action. Highly analytical CEOs can also get bogged down in the details, so Modany emphasizes the importance of a balanced approach.

    Become a Passionate Leader

    Passionate and charismatic leaders can steal the attention of the room merely by walking into it. Kevin Modany thinks it is important to the long-term success of an executive to delve into aspects of their job that they find they are passionate about. Some CEOs like to delegate certain tasks, while others like to get their hands on the job itself.

    Kevin Modany believes CEOs should work with executive consultants to determine which type of engagement they most enjoy. Modany suggests that executives hire team members to fill out the roles that they personally find they are not suited for.