Signs that you need cataract surgery

    A cataract is a common condition of the eye lens becoming opaque, resulting in blurred vision. The clumping proteins grow extensively and begin to distort and block your vision. The condition develops with age and is a leading cause of preventable blindness.

    When that happens, you have the option of going for surgery. The following are some signs you need cataract surgery.

    When you can no longer enjoy pastimes

    Cataracts make your vision cloudy and blurred. They also reduce your ability to distinguish things. When your eyesight begins to deteriorate, you stop enjoying your hobbies. That could interfere with some daily activities like cooking, doing laundry, or even watching television.

    When performing up-close tasks becomes a challenge

    Cataracts form slowly, especially age-related cataracts develop over time, but they become an issue if they interfere with the way you do things. If handling up-close tasks is an issue, then cataracts need surgery. That would include activities like texting, sewing, or even reading a book.

    Difficulty driving at night

    To many, driving is the independence that you enjoy. Cataracts can make this condition pretty complicated. They create halos when you get to where there are lights, making it hard to drive in the evening. If that has made you lose confidence when driving, then it’s high time you paid a visit to your doctor. Driving at night when you’ve cataracts endangers your life and those of other road users. Therefore before the condition is treated, get someone to help you go where you need to.

    Everything looks yellow or brown.

    Cataracts make everything you look at appear like you’re looking through a dirty window. Colors look faded and muddy instead of vibrant. Again, you have things that have initially looked white, turning to be brownish or yellow. This continues to be so as long as cataracts exist and grow bigger. With such a condition, you can’t perceive finer details or distinguish colors. The solution here is going for cataract surgery to replace the natural lens with an artificial one.

    With surgery, you’ll be able to enjoy every beautiful moment around you, the vivid colors, and all that the world has to offer.

    When you experience double vision

    That sounds unusual. But when you have cataracts, you’ll begin to experience double vision. Most of the patients o this condition have double vision in one eye. If both eyes are affected, it becomes almost impossible to accomplish any activity. So until you have the cataract procedure, you may not do things like cooking, driving, lifting, and such. Thus you need to see an eye care professional book you for surgery.

    The constant change of prescriptions

    Aging may mean you change the prescriptions of your contact glasses or lenses. But if you’re changing them every other time, then that could mean you’ve cataracts growing, and you need a cataract surgery St. Louis by the best eye specialists. If you delay so much, you may reach a point where even the change of glasses doesn’t improve your vision.

    Cataracts are normal, and any person can suffer from the condition significantly when you’re advancing in age. Therefore when you realize you’ve consistent eyesight issues, it’s good you visit a reputable eye specialist for cataract surgery.